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Michael Mize Guestbook



  Trish ( homepage )

12/30/2011 * 03:01:02

I found myself nodding my noiggn all the way through.


  Mary-Sonya Conti ( homepage )

04/23/2009 * 09:30:17

Was time to travel through your work. Oh Michael; such beauty! The quality and emotion you bring to the table flow as in a stream that is quiet and slow moving to a river rapid heartbeat of thrill around the bend in another piece. Love your work!


  Barron Holland ( homepage )

12/07/2008 * 13:19:35

I appreciated your supportive comments.
Your colorful work stood out right away when I first came to ArtId, and I plan to look more closely at your paintings as time goes on. As you might imagine, "Seed" and the "Joyflow" series appeal to me a lot.


  Mary Jo

11/18/2008 * 16:33:23

Just stopped in because your mom gave us the site to see your post-it-note art and I must say I was impressed and I think this was a fine way to involve the entire church in participating in the work and the prayer. Glad I stopped by. On the "Board" I am Beejo


  TET - David Arandle ( homepage )

10/16/2008 * 02:46:46

Thanks for stopping by my blog and commenting on my Dangerous Career Cat artworks. You're right, they're not my usual style of painting. 'Tangled Toys' is more representative of the way I usually paint.

Enjoyed looking through your gallery. Your style appeals to me as well. Particularly like some of your newer religious works - though I'm not especially religious myself.


  Amanda Calder ( homepage )

10/14/2008 * 15:32:57


I really like your art piece the "big blue" as you call it.

I am a new artist to this website, so I was just browsing by and spotted your painting. I love the randomness. Sometimes it just works!


  Mary-Sonya Conti ( homepage )

10/09/2008 * 11:56:19

just checked out the sweet young ones pose YOUR KILLING ME with your digital super imposes! what does the youngun really look like shaking my head .....and belly laughin


  Michael Marcon ( homepage )

10/03/2008 * 00:32:50

Hey Michael,
Thanks for stopping by and reacting to my work, your thoughtful words really mean a lot! Often times I think my paintings are too simple, stiff & redundant but your comments point out some of my strengths in terms I've honestly have never heard before. Thanks for taking the time. I'm always in awe of people who have such confidence with their mediums and forms, your work demonstrates that. The free use of color & line is something that I really respond to, especially because its something my work lacks. Being more of a "commercial" artist I have to produce on a regular basis, so sometimes not all of my work is 100% inspired. You seem like an artist whose works from pure inspiration with no compromise. I respect that! Anyway thanks again for visiting my galleries. I'm new to ArtID so I still have work to upload. Best wishes with your classes & students!



  Reenie Kennedy ( homepage )

08/06/2008 * 11:01:47

Thanks for taking the time to comment on my work. It is assuring to know that someone gets from it exactly what I had in mind when I created it -- a contemporary twist on genre that has been around for years. We seem to be reading each other pretty well, because I am, without question, a realist, yet your monoprints are drawing me in. They are quite beautiful.



07/09/2008 * 12:40:50

HI Michael, I just love the painting of Abraham and Isaac. What a coincidence--I just read the story of Abraham and Isaac, and it is really inspiring to see the faithfulness of God and how He has provided the Lamb -not only for Abraham but for us as well.---which is the Lamb of God --Jesus that died for us. I have just started a painting that I am going to name "The Heavens Declare the Glory of God" I took some pictures the other night of a storm coming and the sky was so beautiful--I know I can't do it justice though. Will put it on when I finish it. Millie


  Adina Dolcan ( homepage )

05/06/2008 * 16:13:33

Thank you very much. It's surprising to discover that somebody realy seen and also liked my pieces of art.
It'a a pleasure to observe the same spontaneity and beautiful colors in ur paintings. I think the "monoprints" are the best.
Good luck !


  Kevin Varty

05/01/2008 * 14:05:43

Michael, first off thank you for your comments, and if I ever need anything written I'm coming to you, that was one fine piece of verbage you left on my site, besides being a fantastic artist your a great writer as well! I'm glad you enjoy the Railroad Series, that just started out being something I could have some fun with my fellow Railroaders. My next series will be dealing with the Greatest Things on Earth, which you have already MASTERED! To give Glory to GOD with every brush stroke I make!!!!!!!! You've got some powerful paintings going on there Michael, keep up the Great work, your brother in CHRIST! Kevin Varty


  Mary Exline ( homepage )

04/25/2008 * 22:17:15

Thank you for your kind comments about my work. Further, I want to say that through you I have decided to upload a piece that is far out from my other things and is biblically based. I have others in mind, but have yet tostart on them. I have a number of pieces waiting to be done before I get to the others.


  Mary Exline ( homepage )

04/25/2008 * 19:34:03

I love your work. It's so cool!


  Abraham Fisher ( homepage )

04/23/2008 * 10:59:00

Hi Michael,

Many thanks for your kind words about my paintings and style. Your remarks about the influence of Wayne Thiebaud and Van Gogh is really flattering.
I love your paintings and the very vivid coloration.



  Deb Ward ( homepage )

04/19/2008 * 15:54:44

Wow - Thanks for using my pictures as a teaching tool - although perhaps you were using them for "what not to do!"


  Loretta Petraitis

04/04/2008 * 16:50:50

Dear Friend,
I was in terrible need of somebody ,to tell me,that my work is going well,so I could concentrate and go forward.Please ,accept my biggest grattitude for Your attention to my page.This time I call You an Angel of Creative Spirit...Wordless...Your professional expressions will be saved for my future statement.Thanks Again.
I love,everything,You are creating,especially,Your subtle digital ,fantasies and amazing loving family AURA.


  Mary-Sonya Conti ( homepage )

04/03/2008 * 18:05:40

Knew a buddy by name of Samuel Mize III so your name caught my attention quickly. So talented you are so your kind words are taken to heart. Can you believe both of those were happy spiritual touchstones that when each happened; took in a deep breath and stood back while it came my way . From the looks of your work you have been there also...each day am reminded of past present and future and smile with the opportunity to finally be able to devote time to working in the arts and stumbling across paths of like minds. Peace and more moments to you and yours.


  Gary Peterson ( homepage )

04/01/2008 * 20:27:54

I admire a spiritual man who can think biologically (to paraphrase your words regarding Epiphany). Your Joyflow series resonates with cerebral energy that transcends mere matter.

Your art is positive, uplifting, and a host of other endearing aspects that sometimes elude my own work. And yet you portrayed my ink scrawls as significant to your students - and they "got" it. I'm honored. Thank you, and keep the faith.


  Deb Ward ( homepage )

03/26/2008 * 20:34:15

Re: my blog - Competition Entry - I've promised myself that this year I will enter any shows in my area that I can take (drag!) my work to, and also enter appropriate online competitions. Basically to get a feel for where I really stand in the art world!
My picture is in the group - it is about 16th in the lot - 4th row down, first picture on my computer monitor. Thanks for checking it out!


  Natalie Oliver ( homepage )

03/13/2008 * 20:21:48

Hey Mr. Mize,
How is it going!
I must say, now that you have introduced me to this hooked, thank you!
Have a good break and see you on the flip side!


  kells mooty

02/21/2008 * 15:23:29

I think you should turn your work into jigsaw puzzles! Wow, can you just imagine trying to put that back into place? It would keep one busy for days!
Don't be offended, I like your work. It is sort of a modern Matisse or a Stuart Davis.
Looking for more from you.You have room for more on your page!


  Kristina Zallinger

02/12/2008 * 16:03:35


Your work is a classic example of eye-candy, TOO! Thanks for your comment. Please pass me on to your friends!



  Peter Barnett ( homepage )

02/08/2008 * 14:59:17

Hi Michael,

Thanks for the positive comments on my last two blogs. One frustration is that they were supposed to have multiple images attached, but the code is still not displaying any except the first image. One of these days soon you may find all four buildings illustrated in the Yale article, and the second image in the "Improvement" article. Lots of stuff happening on the site!



  Heidemarie Z-Carnelid ( homepage )

02/07/2008 * 15:22:03

I love your Digital Art! Very beautiful, colorful and made in harmony.

keep up the good work. Seeing forward to see more!

Kind Regards
Heidemarie from Sweden


  L. JonesMoore ( homepage )

01/22/2008 * 13:42:28

Hi Michael--thanks for your kind words about my encaustic collages! I love your digital work...very colorful.


  Bobbie Pfeifer

01/22/2008 * 12:57:51

I'm sure after ALL these years you won't have a clue who I am. Last time I saw you, you were quite young. I'm Jared and Daren's mother and a local artist as well. I truly enjoyed viewing your artwork this morning. It's wonderfully colorful. I was steered to your website by Sara M. I'm glad she did--it's been good to see how you've developed your talents. I am currently represented at ART GALLERY & CLASSROOM on the north side of Fleming Place Mall. If you get a chance, stop in and see my latest art pieces.


  Deb Ward ( homepage )

01/20/2008 * 15:41:07

Hue Filtrations - you said you were going for stained glass - you nailed it! It's beautiful - again, very joyful. You need to do more of these! Looking at your pictures just makes me smile.


  Sara (the neighbor)

01/20/2008 * 13:13:42

Michael -
How exciting! Love your work. Watching you grow up and seeing what you have accomplished has been a delite. AND most importantly raising a wonderful family that comes first. Must get over to see your studio.
I saved your wedding invitation for it's uniqueness. Hard to believe it is THAT old! ha! Your work would be wonderful turned into material. Your mother keeps me up on what you are doing. Keep up the wonderful work!!


  Sandy DeCristofaro ( homepage )

01/16/2008 * 14:15:49

Your monotypes are beautiful. I look at the imagery and the sensuousness of the color and can't help but wonder how they would look as part of a paper quilt!
Thanks for checking out my site. The Spirit Paintings have been with me for some years. No matter how I try to leave the color blue behind me, it creeps back in. Keep finding time to escape to your greenhouse.


  Marcia Baldwin ( homepage )

01/14/2008 * 23:00:51

Hi Michael,
Thanks for dropping in to see my paintings on ArtID. I enjoyed reading your message in my guestbook.
Your art is so inspiring. I thoroughly enjoyed viewing each one.


  Deb Ward ( homepage )

01/12/2008 * 21:45:56

You responded to my blog and I want to thank you for the info about acrylic flow release. A friend of mine paints in tube acrylics and I'm learning from her. All those acrylic mediums - it's a whole new world for me!
Your work has a real joyfulness to it!


  Courtney Wilde ( homepage )

01/07/2008 * 17:38:59

I really like your paintings. Their really creative and colorful and I really like them.

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