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Michael Mize Art Blog

Art Night Lock-In & Art Auction

by mize , March 4, 2010—12:00 AM

Topics: Exhibitions, art education, inspiration, teaching art

I wanted to share about an exciting event currently taking place at the high school where I teach. On Friday, Feb. 26th, we hosted our second annual Art Night Lock-In. The Lock-In is an all night event in which 18 students were invited to spend the entire night at school with the art teachers creating original paintings and artwork. All of the paintings created during this one night event will then be auctioned of at Southwind Gallery on March 5 in conjunction with Topeka's (or currently, Google's) First Friday Art Walk.

We were also excited that this year local artist Barbara Waterman-Peters graciously agreed to act as guest artist for the event. Mrs. Waterman-Peter's work has been exhibited nationally and she was also a long term professor at Washburn Univeristy. She conducted a half day workshop a week prior to the event in which she demonstrated painting techniques and helped students generate ideas for the paintings they created on the night of the Lock-In. In addition, Mrs. Watterman-Peters also spent some time at school with the students on the night of the Lock-In giving them an encouraging pep-talk and an impromptu Art History lesson about Still Life painting. The students were all asked to bring one object for a communal still life and were then encouraged to use the arrangment as their starting point for there paintings. We encouraged them to infuse the paintings with their own personality and not feel obligated to simply painting a realistic depiction of the objects.

If you're interested in seeing the artwork it is all posted on our art dept. homepage. We will also be accepting phone in bids for anyone interested in participating in the auction and supporting the school. All proceeds go to benefit The Blue Print which is our huge end of the year art exhbition which showcases student artwork created throughout the year.



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