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by mize , January 16, 2009—12:00 AM

Topics: Exhibitions

I was home sick from work yesterday when I received a most exciting phone call. The manager of the gift shop at the Mulvane Museum of Art wanted to invite me to be the featured artist from April 14 - May 15. I was absolutely stunned, especially when she said my work came highly recommened from no less that the curator of the museum. I wasn't even aware they knew who I was, much less familiar enough with my work to feel compelled to feature me.

It's an especially timely opportunity considering this featured spot in the gift shop will run concurrently with the Washburn University Alumni Exhibit in which I will be exhibiting my painting, Abraham & Isaac. This is by far the most exposure my work will have ever received in my own hometown and I couldn't be more excited.

Exhibiting my work in the Mulvane has long been a quiet personal goal of mine as it is the largest and most prestigious gallery space in Topeka as well being on the campus of my alma mater. And while I've had my work in it once before (Communion Table ), it was for a fundraiser, and somehow I can't allow myself to count that. Even the alumni show seems a technicality since I'll be exhibiting not on the merit of my work, but simply because I attended the university. (Is anyone else crazy like this?) But this feels different. They called me specifically and asked to feature me. Like I said, I was surprised they even knew who I was, but by God, they called me.

So now the challenge is to try and get a bit more new work done. I'd really like to complete one more painting and another small block print. I've already had my idea lined up for my next canvas, and it's about ironed out in my sketchbook. Can I peice together enough studio time between then and now is the question. The clock is ticking, the race is on...




  Michael Mize ( homepage )

01/19/2009 * 18:28:59

Thanks for the compliments on my communion table, that piece represents a pretty significant chunck of my soul, and it was hard to see it go.

As far as the Curry murals go, they are fantastic in person and have a great back story as well. He got in such a squabble with the statehouse folks that he never actually signed the murals.

You hit the nail on the head about deadlines. Ironically, I had all but accepted the fact that I simply wouldn't be able to get out in the studio this semester due to my school schedule. What a thrilling change of plans! I took time Saturday night to get the studio cleaned up after a good 5 months of neglect. It's back in shape and I plan on heading out tonight after the kiddos go to bed.


  Mary ( homepage )

01/18/2009 * 10:18:09

Shout it from the rooftops! Nothing like a deadline to put a fire under the creative process. You will have more than enough work and it will be stunning.You have worked for this and now it is yours. Enjoy it.


  zander lassen ( homepage )

01/17/2009 * 22:51:15

I dig your communion table!


  Zander Lassen ( homepage )

01/17/2009 * 22:49:28

Hi Michael- Congratulations! The Mulvane looks like a beautiful museum. I have been studying the John Steuart Curry murals in the Kansas Statehouse and look forward to visiting them someday. I am sure that you will be ready in time for the show- Zander


  Jackie Griswold ( homepage )

01/17/2009 * 08:42:05

Congratulations! How very exciting for you.


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