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Happy Little Afro

by mize , November 29, 2008—12:00 AM

Topics: Oddities, photoshop

All of us in the art department, and oddly enough, one member of the math department, eat together during the lunch period. It is not uncommon for us to run out of time eating because we've found our way into some completely ridiculous conversation and taken it further than it probably needed to go.

Somehow last week, and I can't recall now how it got started, we were discussing the cult status of the late Bob Ross. We were all doing our best impressions and citing our favorite quotes. (Personally, I always enjoyed how he'd get all giggly whenever he'd "beat the devil" out of his brushes against his easel after washing them out.) Anyway, we started assembling an improptu pro and con list of Bob's overall effect on the art world in general.

It was actually an interesting debate that covered some topics like does churning out predictable landscapes in half an hour count as art? Or the undeniable fact that he got a huge amount of people not only interested in art, but picking up brushes and having a go at it themselves.

Eventually I had to comment on how envious I had always been of the mythical proportions of his afro. I've always said if I could sport such a perfectly spherical coiffure, I would. But alas, I am restrained by gargantuan cowlicks on either side of my brow which have a far less stylish aire to them. One of my fellow staffers suggested that I should photoshop Bob's epic fro atop my own ugly mug. I thought the idea sheer brillance, and here for your enjoyment, is the result.

You can see a larger version of the image in my gallery




  Zander Lassen ( homepage )

11/30/2008 * 22:48:20

Noice post! Those lunch time conversations sound great. I was so impressed when my siblings and I had an hour long animated discussion about contemporary art after Thanksgiving dinner, I told my parents that they should be proud.


  Maria ( homepage )

11/30/2008 * 08:42:20

So funny!

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