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Michael Mize

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A little over a week ago I posted a blog about a Post-It Note Mural I was working on for Topeka Bible Church where I attend. I was surprised and flattered at the feedback I received in response to the blog, and in support of my efforts in creating the mural. It is because of that interest that I thought I would offer an update about the now finished product, which you see pictured here. First off, let me address some of the FAQ 's I've received about the project. The final mural ended up being just over 3 feet tall by 5 feet wide and incoporated approximately 670 Post-It Notes. My best estimate is that I put in about 25 hours of labor producing the work… Continue reading… 9 comments

Post-It Note Mural

by mize , November 7, 2008—12:00 AM

Topics: Christianity, Faith, community, inspiration, involvement, technique

This week and next I'm working on a mural project with a rather unexpected media: Post-It Notes. The worship arts pastor at my church (Topeka Bible Church) challenged me with this task after seeing Iowa artist Shay Hovell's Post-It Note Mona Lisa . Last Sunday Post-It Notes were included in all of the bulletins passed out at the three worship services, and the congregation was asked to write the names of three people in their life that needed prayer, especially if they were nonbelievers. To add a nice element of intrigue, everyone was not told what we had planned to do with all the notes, just that we had something special in mind. All the notes were collected, counted, and photo copied… Continue reading… 6 comments

Peter's Doubt

by mize , September 9, 2008—10:30 PM

Topics: Christianity, Faith, inspiration, painting

This painting is inspired by the account of Peter walking on the water found in Matthew 14:25-33. In the story, which immediately follows Jesus feeding the five thousand, the apostles are fighting their way through a storm as they cross the Sea of Galilee to the shores of Gennesaret. They are terrified when they discover the figure of Jesus approaching the boat and walking on the water. (verse 26) Jesus reassures the disciples, and Peter, in a statement that comes dangerously close to challenging Jesus, says, "Lord, if it's you, tell me to come to you on the water." (verse 28) Peter takes a few cautious steps and finds that he is indeed walking on the water. This is the point of the story which seems to get the most attention… Continue reading… 2 comments

Summer Class

by mize , July 9, 2008—09:42 AM

Topics: Christianity, Drawing, art education, painting, technique

This summer I've been taking a class at the local Univeristy so I can get enough credits to re-certify next January. The class is actually a workshop in drawing, but I know the professor and he was agreeable with allowing me to paint primarily. So in essence I get college credit for doing what I would have been doing in my own studio anyway! The return of deadlines, however, has been a mixed blessing. I obviously work faster, but the stress associated with it is never terribly enjoyable. I'm embarking tonight on another canvas that has to be finished by next Thursday. Yikes! This painting did mark and change in methodology for me as well… Continue reading… 0 comments

Getting Involved

by mize , May 16, 2008—12:00 AM

Topics: Christianity, community, inspiration, involvement

I've been meaning to write this blog for a few weeks now but haven't managed to find the time. After reading Caroline Henry's astute observations about the importance of art communities, I felt compelled to make the time today. (And it has nothing to do with the fact that this is the last Friday of the school year! Woohoo!) I can remember vividly the night I set up my initial free Artid account. The excitement and anticipation over the visibility my work might receive on the World Wide Web; the thought that something might even sell! I remember praying and asking God to please bless the effort that I was making to become more actively involved in promoting my art… Continue reading… 5 comments