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Michael Mize Joyflow #7 (Romans 15:13)

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Joyflow #7 (Romans 15:13)
8" x 10"
Religious / Christian symbolism
Printmaking / Other
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Joyflow #7 (Romans 15:13)

The Joyflow prints have become a series that has allowed me to freely express the joy and hope I have in Christ, while freeing me from the symbolic sets of lines I’ve established in the series of paintings by the same name. In these prints, the solitary line represents God in all three forms: Father, Son, and Spirit. The colors and textures develop spontaneously through the process of creating the monoprints. By printing with a variety of textural materials (bubble wrap, foam pads, nerf footballs, etc.) and custom cut paper stencils these prints are created in layers. The nature of the process means that ultiple prints usually result from one session of printing. One stencil, for example, can be used three different ways on three separate sheets of paper. I’ve always enjoyed working in a way that allows for the spontaneous and encourages creative coincidences. After printing 3-5 layers of ink, I then use colored pencils to enhance details and emphasize colors and textures. While they are not directly tied to a specific aspect of my faith, the process of creating them is thoroughly enjoyable and becomes an expression of the joy I have in Christ. It is my hope that this enthusiasm is evident in the work. This 8" x 11" print has a 11" x 14" white mat and is framed behind glass in a poplar wood frame with a natural finish.