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Michael Mize Cord of Three Strands #8 (Ec..

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Cord of Three Strands #8 (Ecclesiastes 4:12)
8" x 10"
Religious / Christian symbolism
Printmaking / Other
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Cord of Three Strands #8 (Ecclesiastes 4:12)

which has long been a verse cited to symbolize the strength of a marriage centered around Christ. The three strands in a braided rope provide a rigid strength as well as an essential flexibility, these characteristics help the cord endure the many stresses and hardships it will no doubt face. The same qualities are needed for a successful marriage, and only Christ can bring these necessary attributes to the union. When a couple has Jesus intricately woven into their relationship, he provides the love, guidance, and strength needed to truly unite the pair so that “the two will become one flesh“ (Matthew 19:5) This verse also seemed to fit seamless into my Joyflow series, however, instead of depicting the Holy Trinity, the lines here suggest a husband, wife, and Christ. Although each has their own separate appearance, the lines blend and fuse together into one cohesive image. Often a pair of circles appear in the images which also signify the wedding bands exchanged between the married couple. The monoprints have been created with a variety of textural materials and custom cut stencils. Colors and details have been enhanced with colored pencils. This 8" x 11" print has a 11" x 14" white mat and is framed behind glass in a poplar wood frame with a natural finish.