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Years ago I was encouraged by Proverbs 3:5-6, "Trust in the Lord with all thine heart; and lean not onto thine own understanding. In all thy ways acknowledge Him and He shall direct thy paths." (KJV) It occurred to me that my art was "one of my ways", and as such, should be acknowledging Christ. It was then that I committed my talents to the Lord and pledged that I would use the gifts he had given me to glorify him. From that point on my artwork has exclusively explored various aspects of my faith in Christ and my belief in the Bible. My art has become my own personal ministry and my paintbrush has become my pulpit. 33 comments


Whether the work is pictorial or abstract, it all seeks to honor and praise God and invite the viewer into a dialogue about their own relationship with God. It is my hope that as you browse the artwork on this website you would feel the inherent joy that I try to infuse within the work. More importantly though, I pray that you would experience a presence in the art that leads your heart and mind to God. It is always my great pleasure to discuss the content of my work and how it relates to Jesus and his remarkable, transformational love. Questions and comments are welcomed and encouraged by visiting the contact page.

Over the years my work has developed two very distinct genres. My "Joyflow" series is comprised of nonobjective paintings and monotypes that allow me to be more conceptual in the exploration of my faith. Through a system of symbolic lines I'm able to depict Bible verses, illustrate doctrinal teachings, and portray characteristics of our triune God. Clearly these images cannot communicate complex ideas like this on their own, and so they instead become invitations for myself or others to initiate conversations about God and the Bible. In this way, each painting becomes an opportunity to share the Gospel.

I also have a collection of representational paintings that present specific Biblical accounts, particularly those that demonstrate exemplary faith. These paintings also explore specific verses and key teachings of the Bible.

I've been married for 15 years to an incredibly supportive and fabulously silly woman who has blessed me with two amazing children. We live in the same house I grew up in across from the same park I spent much of my childhood exploring. My faith and my family are absolutely the most important things in my life. But whenever possible, after the kids go to bed, I retreat to my studio and explore my other big passion.

I'm a high school art teacher by profession and that is a career I've known I wanted to pursue since the early days of my own high school education. I received my BFA in Art Education from Washburn University in May of 2000, and I've been teaching at the high school level ever since. In addition to teaching and painting, I have a blog about teaching art entitled "Tales from the Art Side".


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