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Millie Gift Smith Guestbook




03/26/2017 * 10:43:53

Thank you so very much for sharing your gift and love of watercolor and especially of our Lord. The way you weave His story in your art and teaching is wonderful.
Blessing to you this fine day,


  Mary Exline ( homepage )

11/13/2014 * 15:15:51

Hi Millie,
I, too, just saw about your husband's passing and pray for God to comfort you in this time of change.
Also, I want to tell you I love the abstraction of this painting about after the meeting series. I always enjoy looking at your paintings.

One time I asked you about doing a video, but I never tried to do that. I think I paint too slowly, but I'm thinking it is done via the camera, not on how fast one paints. Is that right?

Sincerely, Mary.


  Judy Chaffee

10/06/2014 * 17:28:21

I just discovered your art today -- you have an amazing gift. Your work is just beautiful.

I also read in this guest book that your husband passed away. I am so sorry, and I hope that somehow your art is an outlet that makes everything easier for you.


  ArtId ( homepage )

09/25/2014 * 16:24:28

Dear Millie,
We just learned of your husband recently passing away. All of us at ArtId wanted to send you our condolences and warm sympathy. We hope your painting will keep giving you peace and support over the years. We are proud to have you as a member.


  Lora Duguay ( homepage )

09/24/2014 * 10:36:27

I really love your watercolor work. It's beautiful. I have been painting in oil for a long time and am thinking of branching out and doing some watercolor. You're an inspiration and seeing your work may just give me that push to take the leap into something new.


  Caroline Henry ( homepage )

03/27/2014 * 20:20:39

Millie, I love your new abstract works. You are so talented and always growing and stretching.


  Aldrik Flikkema

03/11/2014 * 18:49:10

I love your paintings! Sure want to buy one if you ship abroad? God bless you Millie! Greetings from The Netherlands.


  Veronica Antohi

02/26/2014 * 06:58:30

Hello Millie,
Thanks for leaving your comment! Your painting are splendid! I'd like all colection!
Veronica Antohi


  Donna Torres

10/20/2013 * 01:04:59

Mrs. Millie's paintings are so beautiful. I am so happy to have one in my home. The colors and textures are so wonderful. If you look long enough, you can feel like you are pulled into the lovely peaceful. I especially like the ones that express faith in OUR LORD.

I am so inspired I've started to try watercolor painting. Just watching Mrs. Millie's videos makes you want to try. My husband and I are painting 1 to 2 hours a day. Ha, all I want to do is paint...warning: This is addictive!

God bless you Mrs. Millie! Donna T.



07/18/2013 * 21:38:08

Dear Mrs.Smith,
I am having my daughter to purchase the old familiar house on the hill. I hear the Morning Doves daily where I live, in the woods of Ga.
I am a disabled 73 years young female. I will be placing the "Morning Dove " art on the wall along side my bed to see and dream and recall happy times daily. I now have lung cancer after years of fighting the second round of polio known as post-polio. Your art will make my days left happy and content.

I do so appreciate your beautiful talent. Stay well.
Blessings on your head.

In friendship,



07/17/2013 * 17:23:28

I love your mom's watercolors. She inspired me to pick up my dusty brushes after years of non-use. Also, where can I get your music? I love your voice and my wife would love a cd of inspirational music sung by you.

Thank you and God Bless. :)



06/15/2013 * 08:54:51

Millie- You have such a wonderful gift from our Heavenly Father. I thank you for sharing it. Your videos are helping me with my own art. God Bless You!


  Don Wells

02/08/2013 * 14:03:24


I found you on Utube last night by accident. Wow, was I ever impressed. You are my favorite artist without a doubt. I watched you do the Meeting Place. I have been trying to decide which median to use as a beginner, however I have been interested in painting for years. I go to all the local art shows, but I have never seen anything like the demonstration you did last night. I have fallen in love with the music the painting and you. ha.....I am a Christian a committed believer in Jesus Christ and hope to see you in the meeting in the sky. God bless, Don


  Gail Butler ( homepage )

10/22/2012 * 07:38:36

Congrats on the Showcase cover! I can't wait to see it! I love your work, Iam sure it will be beautiful!


  Isa Aldana

10/10/2012 * 19:55:20

Millie tu pintura me parece que esta llena de frescura y espontaneidad. Te felicito por tu trabajo tan bonito, felicidades.


  Maan Kawas

09/11/2012 * 14:35:04

Hi Millie,
I do not find words to describe how your fascinating and inspirational paintings made me feel. I loved them so much, particularly the impressionistic watercolor series titled “After the meeting”. Your paintings took me to a beautiful dreamy serene world. I am trying to learn watercolor painting for more than three years (self-learner), and I love the loose impressionistic watercolor techniques. I found your teaching videos very helpful; I tried to imitate your “After the meeting”, what a great technique. You are blessed and gifted.. Thank you so much for sharing your gifts.

Maan Kawas


  Susan Murati

09/03/2012 * 22:58:40


I love to watch your videos with the inspiring music. Thank you so much for sharing your talent, and God bless you! I will try to use your technique with the crinkled rice paper soon!

All the best.



  Tony Reeves ( homepage )

08/27/2012 * 00:04:59

Beautiful paintings! I love them, very great colors Painter...


  Carol McIntosh ( homepage )

08/23/2012 * 00:35:17

Your paintings are sheer genius. Thank you for your generosity of spirit, sharing your work and your techniques with so many. You've given me a new inspiration for painting!



08/20/2012 * 10:55:07

I just want to say thank you so much for sharing your gifts.


  Mary Exline ( homepage )

06/19/2012 * 12:43:17

Hi Millie,
Like your new abstract. Really cool! Like the message. I like the texture and lines in it.


  Mary Exline ( homepage )

05/13/2012 * 13:26:09

Hi Millie,

Thank you for your encouraging comment! This is a new and exciting way for me to paint, but believe it has always been there inside me. I just got tired of doing representational paintings trying to always get the colors right and the shapes. I just let go and painted freely. I feel like I am flying soaring through the air, wonderful.

Was nice to hear from you.




05/10/2012 * 14:04:30

Hi Millie,

I've been watching you on You Tube. I love the way you paint and I so love your art work. I especially love the Abstract Art. I've been painting for just over a year. (Abstract) I am finding that it is truly a love affair. When I put paint on the canvas, my heart expands and off I go.
Thank you for sharing your gift with the world.

Many Blessings, Brenda


  Don Mettler

05/06/2012 * 19:45:28

I just found your work on YouTube and fell in love with water color because of your work. I grew up in Michigan but have lived in Arizona the past 8 years because I could not deal with the ice and snow anymore. I am now 78 but went to art school 60 years ago. I have worked in fiber arts for the past 50 years. I did a little watercolor work in art school but could not control it to my satisfaction but then now use much of the same techniques but by painting on fabric.

Thank you, Don Mettler


  Carmen Murray

05/04/2012 * 18:15:06

I am starting doing aquarelle painting and your video is very helpfull.
Your painting is the most beautiful I never saw.
Thank you for your generosity, I like very much your work...
Excuse my english, I am from Quebec...



03/03/2012 * 15:13:29

Millie, Your work is so heartfelt--the Summertime painting from your Blog entry brought tears to my eyes! I could feel the warmth of the sun and the dry breeze on my arms, like I was really there! What a wonderful gift you are blessed with and I thank you for your videos too, which encourage me to continue splashing with watercolor. Not to worry about "wasting" paint-- pour, spray and let the creativity flow!!!
Thank you, thank you from my heart,


  Felice Cipriani ( homepage )

02/11/2012 * 18:13:54

Wonderful work.......beautiful colours.
Bravo Felice


  Judy Jennings

11/11/2011 * 21:43:41

Dear Millie,

You are right that painting is a love affair. For years I've tried to supress my need to paint and always felt there was something missing. I love your wonderful colors.

Thanks, Judy


  Loretta Petraitis ( homepage )

09/20/2011 * 11:41:22

Dear Millie,
Thank you for good responce about my work. I like the word " elegant",you gave me as a gift ,while I was at Atlanta Art festival.
I am also in need for someone such talented and professional as you are, to keep an eye on my crazy "urbanas":)

Your Gallery has a charm of THE TRUE ART. I visited your studio today and experienced the divine reflection of our Mother Nature.


  surraiya safdar

09/14/2011 * 01:08:03

Hi Millie
I was just browsing through the youtube for demonstrations in water colors,when I came across your work in greens..Immediatly I fell in love with your work..Then through the artids I saw more of your paintings..n my search led me to this page of yours..I am thoroughly enjoying watching your paintings.Allaah Almighty has blessed you with this talent and you have really taken it to ultimate hieghts with His grace;this is a real thanxgiving to Allaah Subhanaho wa ta'ala..Your colours and amazingly fresh although u keep on putting colours.plz consider teaching online n for free for keen students like me...your work has reached out to us n inspired us..plz dont leave us thirsty..


  Roy Lindquist ( homepage )

08/19/2011 * 08:19:41

Millie you are an inspiration 4 me :-)
Roy in Norway


  Mary Exline ( homepage )

07/13/2011 * 12:36:19

I love this one Millie, "Twilight Time." It has such a nice mood. I like your other paintings, as well, but this one caused me to write to you.


  Dee Callahan ( homepage )

03/04/2011 * 05:11:31

Hi Millie,

I see your artwork almost daily on the artid scroll bar. It is lovely. I especially love all of your flowers. The tulip's Lillies, hollyhocks, etc. are all done in wonderful vivid colors that remind me of my childhood; spent in Grandma's garden~ Thanx for sharing~ You are so prolific!! I love viewing your works~


  Mary ( homepage )

02/25/2011 * 17:36:39

Very cool, "The Secret Place." This is a neat painting.
Mary Exline


  Janeice Silberman ( homepage )

12/01/2010 * 17:53:28

Hi Millie,

You are always so kind to stop by and leave comments on pieces that you like.

I was compelled to see if my favorite piece of yours( "Cherry Pie") was still around. I am sure that it will be gone before long! Keep up the good works.



  Tim Gray ( homepage )

11/23/2010 * 05:43:30

Hi Millie, I always enjoy your paintings, always looking forward to your next one, I really enjoyed , Evening Glow, its amazing what you can do with a pallette knife.


  Millie Summerhayes ( homepage )

10/15/2010 * 10:06:48

Hi Millie,
I am Millie (Millicent) also! I havn't painted for years, I am trying to get back into it!
At the moment I don't have a space to call my own, so its on the shelf at the moment.
I just the Spiritual aspects of your paintings. There is a differencein the results!


  Debra Spegal ( homepage )

09/20/2010 * 09:34:40

Hi Millie,
Just watched your video "After the Meeting" really nice and I loved the music! Your daughter has a beautiful voice.
Debra Spegal


  Michael Lynne ( homepage )

09/13/2010 * 11:10:23

Mille - Thanks for your kind words about my work. I appreciate it. I did check out one of your videos. You are way ahead of me with the technology. I have yet to do anything with video. Keep up the good work.

Michael Lynne


  Debra Spegal ( homepage )

09/12/2010 * 07:31:18

Love your work! Especailly the lanndscapes.
Debra Spegal


  ArtId Staff ( homepage )

08/17/2010 * 13:02:20

Your Red Sky at Morning is just spectacular.The treatment of the clouds and the light behind is majestic. I love it.


  Angela Engel Soltysiak

08/16/2010 * 14:13:26

Hi Millie,
I am not sure if you remember me or not. I was a student about 10-15 years ago. I took lessons from you when you lived in Jackson out of your basement in your house. I came with my grandmother Betty Ackerman. I miss painting and wish I could take lessons from you again. I have been trying to paint. I have been experimenting with acrylic and I enjoy it. I love all of your paintings. You are so talented and I miss your advice. I am glad you are doing so well. Take care


  Delilah Smith ( homepage )

07/14/2010 * 09:02:21

Hi Millie,
Thank You for opening your home to us so that we might plien air paint on the grounds, It was wonderful.

I love your painting of flower "Untitled" You should have a little contest on your blog and give it a name every work of art needs a name.

I have blogged about you today. Painting of the Day at blog spot .com
If you have time stop in and read it. I have linked to your wonderful art work here so let me know if you get any new visitors.
Have a wonderful painting day.


  natasha beukes ( homepage )

04/10/2010 * 10:58:17

hi Millie,,love your work!!cheers,nat


  Edwin Vogt

03/27/2010 * 22:15:46

Dear Ms. Smith:

I was especially intrigued by the painting, "SUNSET OVER GRASS LAKE".I fact, I think it might serve well as a jacket design for my first novel entitled: AN EARNEST APPEAL: The Execution Of Roxalana Druse, The Last Woman Hanged In New York State.The forefront waterway could very well be represented as the Mohawk River where I presently reside.Though the crime was committed in December of 1884, the setting is closely reminiscent of the rurals in these arts. Should I decide it fits in with thr rest of the graphics (title and sub-titles), could I have your permission to use this work for illustarative purposes? Naturally, you will be credited for the artwork.I thank you in advance for any consideration to this request. (Ephesians 2:8,9).



03/22/2010 * 01:22:30

i love the tulips series no 3! and the lilypad one! k, i gotta keep looking at the rest of them!


  Maureen Lange ( homepage )

03/08/2010 * 23:37:35

Thank you Millie for your compliment and contact---your work attracted my eye as well and you have a very nice variety. The acrylic gel paintings as well as the diversity of style was fun to look at--nice!


  Robert Casilla ( homepage )

02/16/2010 * 16:53:27

Hi Millie,
Thank you for your kind comments, I really enjoyed viewing your work here on artid...


  peter barnett ( homepage )

02/02/2010 * 20:12:24

HI Millie,

Thanks for the appreciation. I'm going to enter it in the Academic Artists show in Springfield, a really tough juried show, so wish me luck!



  Minoo Khanbabai ( homepage )

02/01/2010 * 23:05:54

Hi Millie.
Love your palette knife paintings,and thank you for the nice comments about my art, really appreciate it.


  Janeice Silberman ( homepage )

01/28/2010 * 05:28:06

Hi Millie,

I have enjoyed viewing your prolific works! You have some real gems here.
I am especially fond of "THE Rapture"


  Halina Plewak ( homepage )

01/26/2010 * 21:18:49

This painting is absolutely my favorite.


  Halina Plewak ( homepage )

01/26/2010 * 21:16:58

Your winter scenes are stunning.


  Halina Plewak ( homepage )

01/26/2010 * 21:14:38

Very nice country scene,nice colors


  Charles Jos Biviano

01/25/2010 * 20:08:36

You're work is amazing! I love your landscapes best of all.


  Douglas Stover ( homepage )

01/09/2010 * 22:06:56

..hello my fellow artist, Millie, I stopped to take a tour and it was very pleasant. It's nice to see someone painting what is on my mind a lot. I am thinking you must have a wonderful studio to paint in. Also you must have a very vivid repretoire of menatal images plus I wonder if you have traveled a lot? I find that in the last couple of years, because of being disabled, it seems as my expanse of images gathered from fewer travels has limited me to a different types and fewer experiences to paint from. If you get a chance in your busy days give me a "look-up" and a quick chat...I would value that a bunch..douglas S.


  Dai Wynn ( homepage )

12/29/2009 * 23:47:08

Hi Millie,

Thank you for your kind and heartfelt comments at the foot of my recent "Words of Encouragement" 'blog.

May I wish you a very happy new year and a prosperous and healthy 2010.

You may be interested to know that Melbourne's sky is an intense blue today and the temperature this afternoon is 35 degrees Celsius (95 degrees Fahrenheit).


  peter barnett ( homepage )

12/29/2009 * 09:10:05

Hi Millie,

Thank you so much for your many comments. I can sense that they are heartfelt, and are certainly heartwarming. I have been doing snowscapes from a single set of photos taken on a magical day in Vermont, a day with incredible light. I also was touched by your facebook invitation. I hope you will not be hurt if i say that i limit my facebook circle to family and a few old friends.



  Donna Allen ( homepage )

12/24/2009 * 09:48:30

Hi Millie,
The sheer volumn and various styles of your body of work is AMAZING! So very talented. I was in awe, especially, of all the different techniques and styles...Great!!


  Dai Wynn ( homepage )

11/15/2009 * 17:11:36

Hi Millie,

Thank you for your kind comments in my guest book.

I must say that I am constantly in awe of your prodigious output and wide range of styles.

It seems to me that the ArtId community -- and hopefully many other art-lovers -- are affording you the recognition you well deserve.

You are an illustrious example of the optimum blend of personable artist and her uplifting art. The viewer perceives the world's beauty interpreted by an optimist with an ever sunny disposition.




  Michelle Rankin

11/04/2009 * 15:33:54

Hi Millie. This is my first visit to your gallery and I am struck by the raw beauty of your paintings. I must say, they bring back many memories of my childhood in upstate New York.
By-the-way, thank Mr. Smith for sharing his potato chips:-)


  Charles Jos Biviano ( homepage )

10/24/2009 * 23:04:49

Millie, I always enjoy stopping by and seeing your vast, lovely portfolio of work. They are such pleasures to see. I'm especially fond of "Windy Day." Love the use of the diagonal. You definitely conveyed that sense of freezing cold. Best, Jos


  Teresa Dominici ( homepage )

09/06/2009 * 21:18:31

Hi Millie,

Impressive work and very talented. Great colors and compositions.Keep creating.

Warm regards,


  Garry Pedros ( homepage )

09/03/2009 * 19:29:53

Hi Millie I like your work to, I wish i could get people to buy my work i"ts a real paine.


  Carol Thompson ( homepage )

08/27/2009 * 17:03:28

Millie, As promised,I looked at your wonderful site! I was touched by your talent,and by Susans beautiful voice!!!(I would love to play her music at the store). You are an inspiration to us all,and we think so very highly of you. Keep up the marvelous work.
All of us at I've Been Framed! are proud to be associated with you!!!!


  The Halseys

07/23/2009 * 20:20:01

Hi Millie! We really enjoyed your website!


  rita aneshansel ( homepage )

07/12/2009 * 21:24:12

Hi millie, It's Rita Aneshansel, I just put a couple of new paintings on artid. But I just love the victorian houses you painted. It's very serene like christmas. Keep it up,,, I hope you are selling these paintings they are unique.


  Peter Barnett

07/02/2009 * 06:53:57

Hi Millie,

The "Hollyhock Blossom" is marvellous, maybe the best watercolor you've shown! The freshness and looseness are wonderful, and the colors sing. Good stuff!


  kevin varty ( homepage )

06/18/2009 * 18:08:21

Hello Millie, I have just spent about a half an hour looking at your work, and I've only looked at about a quarter of the paintings you have on there. THEY ARE ABSOLUTLEY MARVELOUS!!!!!!!!!!! You must paint all day everyday, what a joy. I just kept scrolling down and there was more and more pages of your work. That last piece you put on was beautiful "Victorian Houses" it definatley made you feel warm inside.I'm so glad you enjoyed looking at " When God Paints the Sky" God and Ed Mell are two of my favorite artists!


  Charles Jos Biviano ( homepage )

06/16/2009 * 21:57:46

Hi Millie and thank you for your positive critique of my work. I very much enjoyed painting Dance Of The Fireflies, and I'm glad to see that it is bringing joy to others. My best wishes for your continued success --Jos


  Mark Sarty ( homepage )

06/15/2009 * 19:02:56

Hi Mllie: Thank you for the good review of my watercolors.
I reviewed some of your painting galleries. I liked your landscapes also and painting that move toward the abstract. The paintings I remember were
Lillies in the Fog and The Old Addic.
Thanks again, Good luck, Mark


  Kelly Marszycki ( homepage )

06/10/2009 * 13:08:38

Millie -- Congratulations on your YouTube video - just watched Part II -- love the way you move that brush and push those colors! Marvelous!


  Heather & Sophie

06/08/2009 * 19:30:57

congratulations on your 'most humorous' award for your video! i'm so proud of you Grandma! Sophie and I miss you and hope to see you this summer!


  Yael Eylat-Tanaka ( homepage )

06/01/2009 * 07:55:26


Thanks so much for your lovely words about my "Geek Series." I visited your site, and your work is beautiful! As you might expect, I especially love the looser, more abstract pieces, watercolor and collage, "The Brown Pitcher," for example. I've tried collage, and failed miserably. I think I'm still trying to "paint inside the lines." By the way, I'm new to this venue (ArtID), so I don't know exactly what piece shows up on my home page. Can you let me know?



  Tony Kucera ( homepage )

05/30/2009 * 22:23:41

Hi there thank you for comment.You do Wonderful work!! Keep in touch.Thank you again Tony


  Dorothy Bronson family

05/27/2009 * 18:50:26

Dear Mrs Gift/Smith,
Oh, we just love your painting gallery. The video with Susie and Forest Gump is adorable. Mom sends her love to you. You are a dear lifetime Bronson family friend.
Bless you.


  Dai Wynn ( homepage )

05/27/2009 * 04:38:35

Those clouds are awesome Millie. It's absolutely amazing how the sky has a myriad of moods, shapes and colours, and how much clouds influence our own moods, given that clouds are merely drops of water.

As all landscape artists know, a cloudless sky may lift the heart, but a bank of clouds transforms a mere landscape into a masterpiece.



05/26/2009 * 14:57:27

Hi Mom. I'm at Northwest Elementary with my 5th graders, and we were looking at your website and your paintings. We also watched the video. Here's what the students have to say:
Nick: I like your paintings and the movie. The paintings are awesome!
Kalynn: I like the mountain paintings the best.
Kaitlyn: I like the Dancing Lilypads painting.
Ryan: I like your paintings!
Josh says No comment.


  Sherri Spooner ( homepage )

05/02/2009 * 17:25:52

Hello, Millie. Really beautiful paintings. Keep up the good work. Really appreciate your nice comments about my art as well.


  Michael Lynne ( homepage )

04/29/2009 * 13:54:16

Hey Millie I found your site. You have a pretty nice grasp of color yourself! Keep up the good work.



  Mary-Sonya Conti ( homepage )

04/05/2009 * 04:28:03

Millie, thanks always for your comments on the site. Know that when have struck a tone with you in something then it must be in tune. All kinds of new work in your gallery...will be up the rest of the night!


  Rebecca Wise Girson ( homepage )

04/02/2009 * 18:46:20

Hi Millie- thank you for your kind words on my "under water" painting. As with most, I can tell you that it turned out very different than I expected.

I LOVE the first picture in your abstract gallery. You are very talented and have quite a body of work. I'm afraid I'll have everything I've done posted soon. I'd better get painting!

Take care!


  Robert VanNatta ( homepage )

03/31/2009 * 21:35:17

Hi Millie, Its me Rob . Thought I would say hi. I really like your painting Ray of Hope. Keep it up Rob


  Peter Barnett

03/27/2009 * 15:09:00

Millie, this latest work is fascinating; I love the texture. You've really photographed it well also; I can feel it. Nice!


  Kate Kiernan ( homepage )

03/25/2009 * 20:16:18

Hi Millie,

Thanks for checking out some of my portraits and leaving a supportive comment. Wow, you are prolific and very talented. Good luck to you in all your endeavors.



  Caren L'Argent Smith

03/18/2009 * 18:20:37

Thanks for the nice words about my paintings. My mother was a watercolorist and your paintings remind a little of hers. Especially, the landscapes. Very nice brush work!


  Alan Vandever ( homepage )

03/12/2009 * 19:40:44

Hi Millie,
Thanks for the nice words. I haven't decided if I want to deal with any on-line galleries yet. Things are financially tight right now and I have to very selective with whom I pay to display my work.
Thanks again,


  Peter Barnett

03/02/2009 * 07:31:07

Hi Millie,

I really like what you are getting in your "peace" series, particularly the last one. As you know, I am a cloud freak from way back. The "Wonder..." totally speaks to me, both for its subject and its handling. Nice!


  Dai Wynn ( homepage )

02/26/2009 * 19:21:53

Hi Millie,

The number and quality of your works is an inspiration to all of us at ArtId. Such a fantastic variety of subjects, styles and media.

Most of all, the comments in your Guest Book are a testament to your artistic abilities and to your personal qualities too!

Cheers from DownUnder,



  steven gift

02/23/2009 * 22:30:33

Reviewed your "peacescapes" tonight and think that your message is so appropriate and needed in todays world. The artwork is astonishing and better with each and every offering. You have not only been a loving mother to me over the years, but an inspiration through your word and art. God will have a special place for you in heaven.
Your loving son!



02/23/2009 * 11:08:10

Thanks you so much for the interest in my work. I am not sure that I have heard of the "Independent Coffee house." Is it the program that ArtID is Associated with?


  Sheila Wedegis ( homepage )

02/20/2009 * 22:19:39

Hi Millie,
Thanks for saying hi!! I have noticed all along your peacescapes. How wonderful and beautifully done. Wonderful work!! Keep in touch.


  Robert VanNatta

02/17/2009 * 16:48:04

Hi Millie, Thanks for the response to my blog. Many of your paintings are wonderful, and what an accumulation of so many. thanks again, keep in touch. Rob


  Michael Marcon ( homepage )

02/15/2009 * 23:43:57

Hi Millie,
Well thank you so much for stopping by my new galleries and checking out some of my paintings! I appreciate your comments. Right now I'm really responding to wintery landscapes so after looking through your galleries my favorite one right now is "winter poetry". It just offers a nice escape for me, and the colors really work. Your paintings feel very alive. I admire painters like you who seem to be really free with your style & your brush work. Makes my works look really stiff. Anyway thanks again for stopping by, hope 2009 is going well for you so far and your art!

Best wishes,



01/26/2009 * 10:22:15

Hello Millie,
Thanks for leaving your comment about my self-portrait. You have a lot of beautiful paintings. I love all of your winter snow landscape paintings.


  Pamela Wagner ( homepage )

01/22/2009 * 00:50:46

"Missing You" is one of my favorite paintings on this site so far. it is, as one of my poetry teachers used to say-- his favorite compliment -- "evocative," capturing for one's emotional memory something that is hard to express but somehow familiar. Great job.



  Ragnar Osterlund ( homepage )

01/06/2009 * 10:16:05

Hi Millie,

Thank you for your comment on my art. Yes the forest painting is oil.

You seem to have a lot of creativity, alot of paintings. My favorite one is Autumns Beauty, and it is impressive you painted that out of memory!



  Michele Saari Kuhlman

01/05/2009 * 16:26:14


I am so impressed with the range of your work. And the colors......they're absolutely gorgeous. From what little of your work I've seen, I had no idea how talented you are. No wonder everyone looks to you as an inspiration.


  Robert H. VanNatta III

12/25/2008 * 08:17:10

Hi Millie,

Thanks for the input. I find your paintings to be compelling. I really like your use of the bright colors, I to enjoy using many colors in many of my paintings.
I painted a bridge similar to your bridge to nowhere
and believe there are many similarities especially your thoughts of your experience crossing the bridge.
Have a merry Christmas ! Until later Rob


  Shirley Vandenbelt Spratt

12/19/2008 * 14:14:36

Millie: I love your pictures. I have saved all your fantastic Christmas cards over the yeaar. I have one framed and hanging in our bedroom.
Growing up next door to you & your family was wonderful. Love. Shirley


  Mary-Sonya Conti ( homepage )

12/14/2008 * 07:44:36

HI Millie, your latest floral is a so beautiful. Love the feel of it


  ArtId Staff ( homepage )

09/24/2008 * 10:39:54

Wow, Millie
This is a beauty. It would have been easy to make the sunset colors more predictable but instead you painted what you saw. I love it and Peter is right, excellent use of white space.


  Peter Barnett

08/07/2008 * 07:16:57

Hi Millie,

Your new entry really sparkles - I think you've used the unpainted areas beautifully. Very nice!



  Stephen Reich

07/17/2008 * 18:06:07

Aloha Millie,
Thanks for the kind words. Maunaloa Pines was inspired by the island of of Molokai. These trees stand right in front of where my wife grew up as a child. I got lucky with a crazy sunset that really helps the painting.

Keep up the great work!



  Julie Akeman ( homepage )

07/12/2008 * 14:20:36

I'm a new artist and I love your Dancing Waterlilies painting, it reminds me of Monet's work. Maybe you can look at what I got and give me some feedback. I've been doing oils for 10 years and I'm a mother of two young children and it's tricky getting painting done.



07/05/2008 * 15:55:32

Thanks for your notice and comment, it was a fun piece to do. I did look you up and enjoyed the show.


  rita f aneshansel

06/22/2008 * 15:03:36

I think your paintings are incredible. I an artist as well and hope to be as good as you someday. Absolutly talented you are. Rita


  Mary Exline ( homepage )

05/28/2008 * 00:39:14

I love your latest painting called Foggy Day. It speaks to me in a very special way.


  Mary Exline ( homepage )

05/28/2008 * 00:37:00

I love your latest of the fog and wintery trees just before spring. It speaks to me in a very special way.


  Marcia Silva ( homepage )

05/12/2008 * 01:29:44

Everything is so beautiful!!! Lighthouse in the sunset got me!!! Amazing work!



04/11/2008 * 22:00:02

Hi, Millie,

It was very nice to see you again before I am going back home.
I admire your passion to paint!


  Mary Exline ( homepage )

04/08/2008 * 15:59:01

Hi Millie,

I love so many of your paintings, but I will leave you a comment about this one, the apples on rice paper. There is something really nice about this piece that speaks to me. Also thank you for your nice comments in my artid studio.


  Keith Mantell

03/18/2008 * 17:42:10

Hi Millie, Nice work!, Great variety. You're very talented. Thanks for visiting my artid site and the nice comments.


  Laurel Gregorian

03/06/2008 * 11:59:16

Hi Millie: I do like your paintings. How much a month do you pay for your site. You have many more paintings displayed than I do. I pay 9.95. I like to paint warm climate scenes but I like your winter ones and will do more as I like yours so much. If you ever come to Minnesota look me up.


  Kim Bunch

02/26/2008 * 00:06:30 are such an amazing artist! The number and diversity of paintings that you've done is unbelievable! You definitly have "a GIFT". Your work is beautiful and inspiring. I already have a few of them, but am hoping to get more!!


  kells ( homepage )

02/23/2008 * 14:01:48

Oh, I meant to ask you if you used oil or acrylic. If this was oil, it would still be wet, would it not?
I really like your work. I am striving to do that style!



02/23/2008 * 13:59:02

Your new painting is very nice. It certainly is 'painterly".
Very colorful, good job.


  Carole Gift Page

02/14/2008 * 01:57:07

Hi, Mother,
I love your new painting, "I'm in the Pink!" The colors are rich and gorgeous and the style is so free and joyous, with amazing energy! Keep up the good work!
Your daughter,


  Dona Spillane ( homepage )

02/08/2008 * 11:48:24

So much wonderful work. I was blown away by some of your abstract work. It is a pleasure to browse through your studios.


  Caroline Henry ( homepage )

02/02/2008 * 19:47:19

"Frozen Stream" is wonderful. I can feel the cold. I'm sitting her ing California's San Joaquin Valley with a misty rain coming down, cold enough to light the fire place, but I would have to chain up and head to the Sierras to find a scene such as this.


  Don Curren

02/02/2008 * 18:08:36

Hi Millie,

Your paintings are always great and yes
one of yours has a prominent place in our
living room. Will be sending you email soon.

Don and Wendy


  Peter Barnett

01/28/2008 * 12:34:25

Hi Millie,

The site keeps track of "hits" to each website: the number of times a page is accessed in a month. You are up there in four figures, along with a select few others.



  Debe Abbott ( homepage )

01/26/2008 * 08:27:59

Thnak you for the kind words. It is always nice to hear, especially from someone as accomplished as yourself.




01/16/2008 * 16:21:44

Hi Millie,

I tried to email you a few times and thank you for writing to me, but they all came back as undelivered. So,here I am!
Your work is fantastic! I love "sea and land" and city apartments.

Maybe we should barter!
Have you been on this site long? Are you signed up with similar sites?
I am very green and unsure as to how to get started.



  Mary-Sonya Conti ( homepage )

01/12/2008 * 18:19:18

You were kind enough to reach out to not just me but so many others Your work is inspirational (was drawn to Ray of Hope before you contacted) Wonderful spirit keep teaching and looking at life in your special way. thank you.


  Natalie Halsey

01/11/2008 * 15:23:44

Hello Millie,
Thanks so much for the beautiful Christmas card, and for the information about your internet site. It is fabulous! You are an inspiration to many people, including me.

Natalie Halsey


  Joe Kelley ( homepage )

01/09/2008 * 23:56:08

"I love 'REFLECTIONS'...Outstanding work as is all your work.



  joyce yost

12/16/2007 * 14:48:36

Your art work on the web page is beautiful. I see you are trying new things. That is why you are a great artist. I loved all of them.


  Lindy Scavo

12/15/2007 * 17:53:06

Hi Millie! (My husband and I are the one's who own "Windward" now.) I just got your Christmas card today and it is BEAUTIFUL! You're so talented. I think it's so interesting that you're an artist too. Your paintings are wonderful and you have a fantastic range of subject matter. I'm a photographer mainly, but also have done some painting and a lot of pencil drawings when I was younger. Hope to talk to you again soon. E-mail me if you like. I'll look forward to it!



  Diana La Pierre

12/10/2007 * 14:40:09

What a great way to display your paitings. As a matter of fact, we have several of your paintings too. They are displayed in a prominent place in our home. Glad to hear from you. Will send you an email!


Diana and Gene


  Joe Kelley ( homepage )

12/09/2007 * 17:26:07

Hi Mille,
Thanks very much for your comment about my "Sweet from the Sun" grapes. Coming from such an accomplished artist makes the comment special. I have viewed all your work and it is very difficult to name a favorite. We both paint diverse subjects and it seem we both love COLOR.
Thanks again Mille,

JoeRay Kelley


  Bruce Klassen ( homepage )

12/05/2007 * 09:53:44

What beautiful Lillies and the colors! Glorious. Monet spent 13 years painting Lillies, and I think you are on the right path.



  Stephen Reich ( homepage )

12/04/2007 * 15:35:01

Aloha Millie,
Great work!
Love the mood of your work.
Red Sky At Morning is very eye catching reminds me of
work painted by Joseph Turner.



11/20/2007 * 03:14:36

Grandma, I love all of your artwork on here...especially the winter landscapes. You are such an amazing artist, I'm proud to call you Grandma! I love you!


  Carole Gift Page

10/29/2007 * 15:10:17

Mother, your paintings look beautiful in your new internet studio. You are such a talented, creative, versatile, impassioned artist. I hope the whole world has a chance to see your work! I send you lots of love and admiration! I can't wait to see more of your work online.


  John Szente

10/23/2007 * 14:34:22



  Lauren Page

10/22/2007 * 22:37:25

thats so neat grandma i love them!!!



10/22/2007 * 22:22:52




10/22/2007 * 22:12:46

your artwork is amazing! i wish i could see it in person, as well as the artist!


  Susan Szente

10/20/2007 * 20:39:30

I think these are the most fantastic paintings! What beautiful colors and textures! I'd like to have them all hanging in my house....oh, I already do! Love you Mom!

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