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Millie Gift Smith Art Blog

A Fun Project

by MILLIEGIFTSMITH , May 21, 2008—10:41 PM

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Just thought you might like to try this fun thing . The first thing I did was to cut out 5 different shapes. I then took a large sheet of arches watercolor paper and started to copy the shapes in an interesting pattern. I laid them out to see how it would look. I just overlapped at places. Then I used my watercolors to paint each shape. I tried to make it an interesting painting with a flair of abstract. I enjoyed doing it and maybe you would like it too. You could use as many shapes as you would like. You may find different idea from this. So get to work, and if you do--show me. Millie





09/13/2008 * 01:55:39

I love it. Spirits of spirits.

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