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Millie Gift Smith Art Blog

Painting A Series

by MILLIEGIFTSMITH , November 15, 2014—03:52 PM

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Let me tell you about a series that I have painted over 25 paintings since 1975. I will start with the day I was just playing around with a sheet of watercolor paper. I finished this painting and did not know what to name it. My mother-in-law was staying with us at that time. She was always a busy woman and attended many meetings. I asked her if she would give it a name, she thought a moment and then she said "AFTER THE MEETING". So that was the beginning. In these last years, I have done 25 or more. I have only 2 left, as I sold them all. This is a new one that I just finished. I made a video also of one. It has been a fun adventure and profitable too. I do recommend painting series.





02/19/2015 * 17:47:23

Dear Millie, I have been enjoying your videos much of the afternoon. (down with the flu.) Thank you for sharing both your wonderful talent and your delightful spirit. You are a double blessing. Tomorrow I will be back in the studio trying some of the intriguing exercises you have suggested. Wishing you continued joy and peace of heart.

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