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Millie Gift Smith Art Blog


by MILLIEGIFTSMITH , February 23, 2014—01:27 PM

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I love snow and paint many snow scenes. HOWEVER! This winter has been a very long, cold and plenty of snow. I long for the spring to come. Each day it snows. Now if I was a skier, child, skater, etc-- it would be different, but I am a 93 year old artist. In April I will be 94. I am sorta housebound now with this weather. O.K. so I am complaining. Now I will stop doing just that and tell you how very great it is to be an artist in any kind of weather, age or housebound. I have so much fun doing my videos and painting each day. I must say that I am so blessed. I never dreamed I would still be doing all this at my age. The LORD has given me the richest gift that anyone can receive. I will stop complaining and start praising the LORD. This painting was a video. I just did and must still put on youtube. I made it with the sun shining and looking forward to spring.




  Tina g Roberts

09/29/2014 * 15:35:45

I can't tell you how much I love your work. I love the looseness of your abstract. I would love to know your colors you use. I'm a beginner and I am going to show my art teacher. I'd have been sick so I tried your abstract with the dried berries and leaves. I will show her at class tonight and let her tell me where I went wrong. I was using the heavy med gel. Love it.



09/04/2014 * 16:10:38

Dear Mrs. Smith,
You are a true inspiration! Thank you for sharing your talent, experience and love worldwide. God bless you!



08/26/2014 * 16:53:36

Hello Millie,

I love your work and am extremely interested in purchasing SNOW GO AWAY, but cannot find it anywhere. Could you please email me the information on how to purchase it? Thank you very much!



  Sharon ( homepage )

07/07/2014 * 13:01:11

Your paintings are so beautiful. Thank you for sharing them and your videos with us.


  Aldrik Flikkema

03/11/2014 * 18:38:15

Millie, I just watched some of your videos and I'm impressed. Wow you he Lord has truly blessed you! I'm from the Netherlands and I'm really new in painting with watercolor. I tried painting in acrylic but now I want to try something new. Your work has inspired me to try this. Thank you and God bless you Millie! Greetings


  Cheryl Egan

02/28/2014 * 09:57:33

Hi Millie,

When my faith is being challenged, I look at your art and read your blog and I am lifted. You are "gifted" in more that just your artistic ability.

I wish I could meet you in person

God Bless

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