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Millie Gift Smith Art Blog

Sharing Your Art with Others

by MILLIEGIFTSMITH , March 4, 2008—12:00 AM

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I know that all artists want to sell their work first of all. But there is another thing that artists do and that is--"sharing" their work with others in many ways. I was thinking back of all the times that I did this. First of all, I give my children the paintings they like the best. Then my other relatives close to me. Oh there are birthday gifts to others and some of my good friends also. The list goes on and on. I used to make Christmas and note cards. I did have a limited edition print made also and gave many of them away. Then there are the auctions---and I usually donate a painting for those. Like the Museum here in Jackson, the Jackson Christian School and the humane society, just to name a few. These are all good things to help the cause. What do you do when they ask for a painting to their auction? well, I always hate to say "no." I realize that it is nice to be able to do all these things and hope that it will be an enjoyment to others, sometimes though--I think, I do give a lot of work away. I usually don't give my very best work ,only to my children and when my children have them, I still have them to see. I guess you understand what I am saying, I hope. I have sold a lot of my paintings over the years and so I am glad to share with others. I get the enjoyment of painting them and I love to paint. So why not give others that enjoyment too? Let me know what you think.




  Caroline Henry ( homepage )

03/11/2008 * 12:30:45

Art does provide us with a unique way of giving. One of the most exciting such request I ever received was from a safe home for abused women and their children. They wanted art to actually hand in the sprawling old house where they had established themselves, to add that dimension to the setting. Caroline


  Michael Mize ( homepage )

03/04/2008 * 23:22:49

I've done a lot of art giving as well. Until recently, I've never made much of a concerted effort to promote or sell my work and so it did begin to pile up around the house. And I'm flattered when friends and relatives seem to genuinely enjoy what I do, and so in turn, I sincerely enjoy sharing with them.

I've also swaped with a number of artist friends, which is a great way to get a nice diverse collection in your own home. In fact, just today I gave a copy of a linoleum block print I recently finished to one of the ceramics teachers at my school. As I am nearly worthless when it comes to ceramics, I'm quite excited to see what I'll get in return from her.

There is no denying that it is nice to see financial rewards for our efforts, but in the end, we don't get to take it with us anyway, so I'd just assume get my work on the walls of people who are going to appreciate it. I can always make more.



03/04/2008 * 22:31:13

Well, sweet Mom, I am so thankful that you have been so generous in sharing your paintings with your children! The walls of my home are adorned with so many of your works, and guests always comment on them and admire them so much! I feel so proud to be able to say, "yes, those were painted by my Mother....aren't they great?" And they always agree! Your art brings so much beauty and joy into the lives of others and I know you are blessed because you have such a caring, generous spirit! I love you!!!
Your loving daughter, Susie

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