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Millie Gift Smith Art Blog

Spend a Day Working on Unfinished paintings

by MILLIEGIFTSMITH , January 21, 2013—03:49 PM

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This really snowy day, I decided to do some different work. I looked at some of my unfinished paintings and Decided "Yes, this is the day to do just that" So I got out my watercolors and choose an almost finished work ,to do. I will start on another one soon. it is so refreshing to finish something that has been around for awhile. I know that most artists have many works that just" almost" are done, and then put aside till later. I know I do. So why not look up some old work an get it done. Here is one that I finished today. I already had 2 compliments on it. Maybe it will get someones eye and buy it. What do you think? Will you agree it is fun to know that it is worth it all, just to do it.???




  Laila Awad Jamaleldin ( homepage )

10/03/2013 * 09:16:53

I love your art ,style and work . I like the rebirth you did for some old paintings ......I m still watching your art shop.
Thank you Millie .



  Mrs Jane Nieminen

02/24/2013 * 05:55:26

Dear Mrs Gift Smith,

I watched your videos in you tube. I love the way you create & paint your watercolours! They express perfectly your love of life and wonderful zest!

What I love most about your paintings, is that your painting works are free of learned mannerism, but instead challenge the viewer to stop and look: why is this painting so breathtaking!

Thank you for your gift

Mrs Jane Nieminen, Finland


  Marilyn Adams

01/31/2013 * 16:58:12

I do not know if you ever get the message I send you. Am I doing this right?


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