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Millie Gift Smith Art Blog

Danger in Studio

by MILLIEGIFTSMITH , November 1, 2012—10:29 AM

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This painting I started as a video. I named it "Rejoice" However, when I was working on it, My chair fell on top of me. It caught on the plastic and down I went. Well, the painting is not finished yet and half the video is gone. I guess it is going to be half a video. May put it on . I guess I was just too engrossed in the painting to watch what I was doing, as a result I have a very badly black and blue foot, and sore hip. Nothing was broken, which is good. I hope that this will remind you other artists, that it can be a dangerous place if we get too involved in what we are painting. I am doing o.k. but it isnt any fun to hurt. I guess I can rejoice that nothing was broken.




  Caroline Henry ( homepage )

11/04/2012 * 18:51:10

Take care, Millie, and in future keep those blacks and blues reserved for the paintings, and stay "in the pink" yourself.

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