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Millie Gift Smith Art Blog

Watercolor Wash With Ink.

by MILLIEGIFTSMITH , February 20, 2008—10:41 PM

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I have only tried this once, but I find it is an interesting way to draw and paint. I first saw this done when my daughter was in art achool and brought home a simular painting. However, I must confess, I thought hers was elegant and much better than this one I did. I thought I would give it a try. This was done from a photograph of my granddaughter. I first did the drawing with black india ink and then I put a wash of burnt Sienna over it. You might want to give it a go--and hope it is better than this one. I am not one that likes to do people and so I guess that is why I don't do many portraits. I really love landscapes and flowers. But I am willing to try anything that is different. My granddaughter is much prettier than this painting.




  Diane Wallace ( homepage )

02/24/2008 * 09:29:49

How kind of you to give us an idea to Stretch our creative minds.....I'm going to have to try this (not sure I have the india ink, but will check). While you may not be happy with it, I love the elegant look it achieves. Since I love to draw and paint horses, I may have to adapt it to that. Will post when I get it done. Thanks for the "lesson"


  Caroline Henry ( homepage )

02/22/2008 * 21:30:29

I find this drawing quite charming. Since you sound like you are not terribly happy with it, I will suggest the one thing I would like to have seen done differently. For me, her nose kind of gets lost.I think I would have lifted some paint in this area. I love the highlights the varying intensity of the burnt sienna gives to her hair. I am definitely a Millie Smith fan. Caroline



02/22/2008 * 20:36:48

I like this painting of Heather!



02/22/2008 * 20:35:42

so i hear i'm the face behind the this true? what picture did you use to paint this, i don't recognize it. i'm flattered Grandma. and so proud that you're my Grandma! can't wait to see you in the summer!


  Kelly M. ( homepage )

02/21/2008 * 15:54:13

Millie -- I truly like your experiment in India ink and siena wash! I, too, hesitate to try life drawing but love the old works by DaVinci and Rembrandt -- the sepia washes on old parchment are breathtaking, aren't they? Keep at it! I may give it a whirl, too, this weekend.

Kelly M

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