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Millie Gift Smith Art Blog


by MILLIEGIFTSMITH , September 16, 2012—05:08 PM

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I see all these old barns that have started to fall down, it is sorta like this world we live in--fallen. So I started doing a series of these old barns. I am using watercolor and charcoal on this one. I do like the combination to get the effect I want. I know that it is different then the things I have been doing, and I like to change to something unusual. I was out today taking pictures of some old barns here in Michigan. Not many are left standing. I plan on doing a video of one soon. I love barns, as I was born on a farm, and spent hours playing in the hay. Memories are good to paint, but I hate to see the barns going. I am doing them sorta in the abstract. Hope you will keep watching for my new work. Millie



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