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Millie Gift Smith Art Blog

Pouring with fluid acrylics.

by MILLIEGIFTSMITH , February 17, 2008—12:00 AM

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Have you ever tried pouring with fluid acrylics? It is a very interesting way to paint. A few years ago I took a class in this, and I really liked it. However it is difficult in some ways to get used to doing it. I found that most often my work would be very abstract, and that was ok too. The paper that I used was Strathmore Aquarius 11. I also used the golden acrylic paint. To start with I coated this paper with acrlic gel medium. I let it dry and it made the paper feel almost like leather to me and more endurable. I started pouring the paint on the paper and let it run, usually with a light color-such as yellow.--any yellow is ok. I would add , perhaps a blue and let it mingle together. I found that some red would work good--these colors are the primary colors and mix well. But it is up to you what colors you choose. You look for interesting shapes to start with. You can use some water or gel to make it thinner so that the paint will run better. Then after you have done this--it is best to put it on the floor and look for shapes. Now you must be sure you have a lot of protection from the paint running on your carpet or floor. It can get messy. If you let it dry-then it can be stood up and studied to see your design. It does take a lot of thought and practice too. I did a lot of these and enjoyed them . The painting here is one of my fish paintings. Do you see the fish? I found that it was an exciting way of doing your art.You can use your brush to paint over it as many times as you like if you find that you couldnt figure out a design. Why don't you try this? As Mikey says"You might like it" Millie




  Michael Mize ( homepage )

02/18/2008 * 08:46:53

I'm always impressed by the diversity and range in your work. You're all over the place! I love it! Not only that, but you're an excellent ecourager and seeing you dive into so many techniques with joyful abandon is very inspiring. Thanks for always sharing your vareity of ideas.

If you're interested in more paint pouring artists, you might start with Morris Louis. He was one of the first artists back in the 60's to experiment widely with this type of painting. (He usually is associtated with the color filed painters, or abstract expressionists)

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