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Millie Gift Smith Art Blog

Millie Paints on Facebook!

by MILLIEGIFTSMITH , August 26, 2012—06:54 PM

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I have made a page in facebook. It will help me to show some of my work and draw people to artid. I hope you will look me up and tell me you like it. I am doing some contests that includes my gallery here on artid. I am so proud of this webpage and want others to know about it too. I have been doing a lot of new work and hope you look me up here and "MILLIE PAINTS" too. Also, view my videos. thank you Millie




  Dory Milistefr

12/21/2013 * 17:45:56

Hi Millie,
I love to watch your videos. I am retired and live in Walla Walla, WA.
I prefer painting loosely and learned how to paint this way from Eric Wiegardt who has taught a couple of workshops in Walla Walla. I paint for fun not as a job.
We have a new gallery opening in Walla Walla that is called Tra Vigne. I have some paintings there. Walla Walla sits near the Blue Mountains. We live in wine country with many tourists coming for wine tasting etc. I am a Christian and love your comments and your daughter's singing. When I get down I watch your videos etc. What a blessing and God given talent you have.
Dory Milistefr


  Mary Exline ( homepage )

08/30/2012 * 12:47:19

Hi Millie, this message is meant for Ria. Ria, just dive right into watercolor painting. Look at it this way: it is only a piece of paper. Do it over and over again until it looks the way you want it to look. Also, when we make mistakes in watercolor, you can see new pictures in them and new ideas, and then end up with a entirely different subject. Then you don't have to throw away your efforts. Then you will surprise yourself at what you can accomplish. It is just paint and paper, and can be painted over and changed. Be creative and have fun!!
From Mary, another painter.


  Ria Visser

08/27/2012 * 02:16:57

Hi Millie,
I really love the way you paint, specially watercolours. It is 'daring'. I myself paint also in watercolours, but I am 'scared' to do the things you do - although I love the results, and the process seems to be fun.... Maybe I will find the courage!
I have the impression you are a christian, and I like the music that comes together with the videos.
Please tell me where I can find you on facebook, I cannot find your page!
Ria Visser
The Netherlands

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