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Millie Gift Smith Art Blog


by MILLIEGIFTSMITH , August 11, 2012—12:00 AM

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I started out with liquid acrylics. I did'nt have anything in mind. as I kept painting I begin to realize I was making a large bridge. It was exactly like the bridge I have crossed when a child. I used to visit my grandma in a little town in Illinois. We traveled one day to a nearby small town and had to cross that bridge. Coming home that night, we ran into fog. It happened that we could'nt see the bridge very good. In fact, we could not even see the end of it. So, I said "Is this the bridge to nowhere?" That name stuck with me and this is the painting, It brought back many memories. So, when we paint, we may be making memories.




  Caroline Henry ( homepage )

08/22/2012 * 18:57:36

About a year ago I took an art journaling workshop from a writer/artist/psychologist. She had us map and draw a childhood home as a part of making the point that art is a wonderful way of accessing memories. Your work is a beautiful example of this, Millie. I love your colors.


  Susan Szente

08/11/2012 * 10:35:05

Mama, I don't think I ever heard that story before, even after all the stories I have heard about Millbrook. Love the painting, the colors, and the almost eerie feeling it gives. Yet, with the bright colors, it gives a feeling of peace and hope. Love you! Susie

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