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Millie Gift Smith Art Blog


by MILLIEGIFTSMITH , July 27, 2012—12:00 AM

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I AM HAVING A SPECIAL SALE ON 24 OF MY WATERCOLORS. I feel that I want to have others enjoy my work on the wall of their home, instead of in my drawers. No one can enjoy them there. Also, with tims so bad, I hope peope will take advantage of this. I know that it is like almost giving them away, but the way I look at it----thats why I paint for others to enjoy. Look up my studio and buy one of my original watercolors and I will be happy. Milliegiftsmith This is one of the paintings on sale----





08/11/2012 * 10:24:37

Dear millie gift,
You paint so good and free and are an inspiration to me. You like Renior said make it fun and let it run.
I'm just now starting to free up
you can only stay in rut so long and you honor the Lord Jesus with your work and that makes it a double special blessing. You are truly a Gift Gift.
Thanks for sharing your beautiful work. Mike L.

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