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Millie Gift Smith Art Blog


by MILLIEGIFTSMITH , June 15, 2012—12:00 AM

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Now I know how a beaver may feel. they swim and find logs and carry them back to make a home. back and forth, back and forth,all day. What do I have in common with a beaver??? Well, for three days I have been that busy. I started to change my galleries---I took a lot of pictures and put them in the warehouse, then I took pictures of new paintings and put them in a new gallery. I decided to try a new approach to it all. In, fact, just like a beaver, I had to build each gallery. Wow! that is work. I am putting my galleries according to the meduim, not the subject. ALL MIXED UP. Its just a new try to attract buyers, [I hope.] Please look me up and tell me what you think. I do appreciate other artists opinion. Maybe you have a good suggestion. However, it will have to remain as is for a spell. I am weary as a beaver now. Millie



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