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Millie Gift Smith Art Blog

Painting Through Your Tears

by MILLIEGIFTSMITH , February 11, 2008—12:00 AM

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I would like to tell you about this painting. I named it "Weep For Me". It all started in 1996 when my first husband became very ill. He had to undergo heart surgery and eventually after 2 months in the hospital, he caught Pneimonia--the worst kind. He died in October 1998. The following December-my daughter who lived in Florida, came to take me back there for the winter. I was very ill there with bronchitus and grieving for my husband. I went to visit my son and his wife in Orlando for 2 weeks. They both worked all day and my little white poodle an me stayed alone. This did'nt help my sadness. They had a beautiful backyard with poole and several gates to get in and out. One day I decided I would try to paint, as I had not painted for some time. I got the paper and my watercolors out and just started to put the paint on the paper--when I realized that my little dog was missing. I found one of the gates was open and my "Buffie" was gone. I searched for a long time and finally I found her a few doors away. I had to run through tall grass to get her and when she saw me she ran away from me. I finally caught her and got home safely. I laid down and felt that my heart would stop. Serveral hours later, I took up my paint brush and started to paint. As I put the paint on the paper--I started to cry. [which I hadnt done much since his death]. I cried and painted and cried and kept putting the paint on and letting it drip downward. I did this for 2 hours--I just kept crying and painting. Later on I added some paint to it. I could see in the painting the hospital room and the windows. After this time, I started to do a lot of painting as I found it helped me get over the loss of one I loved for many years. Three years ago I married a wonderful man and I am still painting. It was a bad time in my life, but painting helped me -through the tears. I am very happy now with my new life. So many women will let sorrow get them down, when they are faced with this situation so I would advise them to start to paint! It is the best theraphy anyone can have.




  Caroline Henry ( homepage )

02/12/2008 * 21:24:35

Powerful post. This made me think of a friend who found that writing poetry helped her deal with her husband's death. Her first poems were full of heartache. She moved on to poems that celebrated their love, and sometimes the funny, quirky things that had happened in their life together. Then the poems reached out into other areas. Today she is one of the leading poets in our area.

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