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Millie Gift Smith Art Blog


by MILLIEGIFTSMITH , August 25, 2011—12:00 AM

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I have started a new series of paintings. I call them "impromptu"--because-I sit down and with a blank half sheet of arches watercolor paper size 11 by 15, and just paint. Sometimes I use a subject that I have a picture of and other times-I just put on the paint and watch what comes out.It is a spir of the moment, hasty, spontanious and fast painting. Sometimes I spend only an hour. I have done 65 paintings so far, and I just keep on. It is so much fun and relaxation. This is one of my latest. Hope you will look up my work, I only have 4 paintings on the studio, so far. Millie




  Abstract Painting ( homepage )

03/09/2012 * 12:51:57

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  Sylvie Massart

03/08/2012 * 03:09:18

I enjoy watercolor painting, but since I am an "autodidact", I discovered your demo videos and I watched them until 4 am last night ! I am exhausted, but I really admired your "savoir-faire" and hope I can reach your skills sometime. Pls. pardon my English because I am French speaking. I am Belgian and since I am retired I paint, or at least try to paint ...

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09/12/2011 * 13:01:08

nice work.
I am an artist from NYC, with works at

nice paintings.

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