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Millie Gift Smith Art Blog

Great To Have My Painting on Stage

by MILLIEGIFTSMITH , February 5, 2008—02:34 PM

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Sometimes, when you work so hard to be recognized as an artist in your hometown, you feel like it is an impossible thing. All these years I have made a name for myself here in Jackson, but never seem to have the reception that tops it off. But, finally I have made the stage. This was the grand Gala affair that I attended at the Museum here in Jackson. I did a blog on artid, that told something about having 3 of my paintings purchased for the New Heart Center that is opening this month. [The first time we will have open heart surgery here.] It is an honor for me to have 3 of my paintings hanging in this beautiful center. They had a grand Gala here that was really fantastic. Here is a picture of one of my paintings on stage. Notice the satin colors and also the musicians nearby. All the chairs and tables were covered with different colors of satin. The food was "out of this world" . Every kind you can imagine. They gave each artist a framed picture of themsleves with their painings., as they called our names to receive it, we had to go to the front to accept it. I really felt that it was worth it all. It was better than a award at a competition. It is such a wonderful thing to be an artist and to be appreciated in such a good fashion. I felt that I had accomplished one of my goals I made years ago. I thank my God for giving me this happiness.



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