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Millie Gift Smith Art Blog

Self Portrait, My One and Only.

by MILLIEGIFTSMITH , February 2, 2008—12:00 AM

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This is my one and only attempt at a self portrait. I don't know how other artists feel about painting them selves, but it is not for me. Quite a few years ago I got brave and did this one. As you can see- I am looking different now. Along with my painting, as a chance to pay for some of my art materials, I tried "cutting Silhoettes". I did the drawing of someone on black paper and then with tiny shears I would cut them out. I was really good at it too, but it was really hard on my eyes. When I painted this one of me, I was working at a fair, at the Museum on a Christmas show. I had to dress up like this. I did many of silhoettes that day. But later on my eyes got so that I had to stop doing them.. Instead I taught a lot of students to paint at my studio in my home. I had a lot of classes--young and old students. I think that most artist have to turn to something to support themsleves and their materials. If you feel the urge to do silhoettes, you might try it. It does better than selling paintings. I was lucky that I did'nt have to depend only on my art work--but only for the materials. Let me know if you have ever done this? Silhoettes?, or teaching.? I also did a lot of prints and cards. However they get expensive. I love being on this artid, it gets me to see my work that I have done over the years--new and old. Give me your opinions, I really do appreciate them. Millie



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