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A Gala Affair.

by MILLIEGIFTSMITH , January 28, 2008—11:24 PM

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I had a wonderful experience on Jan 25th. It was a gala afair at our local Museum. The occasion was for the opening of our new Foote Health System Heart Center. It is the first Heart center in Jackson, Mi. that will be doing open heart surgery and many other operations on the heart. Before this was built--if you needed this work done--you had to travel to distant towns nearby. Now we have this extensive procesures here. It is really a great thing for Jackson. Now-to get to why I am writing this---I was chosen, with 11 other artists, in our area to have 3 of my paintings purchased for the walls of the Heart Center. I also was invited as a guest to be honored at this affair. Our paintings were on display for all to see and we received a picture of the artist and their paintings in a nicely framed gift.It was a beautiful decorated room with music and lots of food. Now the blessing to me was the fact that those that are so ill can enjoy my work and maybe give them some joy while they recover from their illness. I feel that it is so great to be an artist and be able to help others with that art. This is one of my paintings that they purchased--It is an acrylic on canvas named "Swans Over Grass Lake" It is an actual place here in Michigan. The hospital staff picked 56 paintings from 300. This truly was one of my nicest honors that I have had, in my life as an artist.




  Michael Mize ( homepage )

01/29/2008 * 09:49:42

CONGRATULATIONS!!! What an honor to have three of your works purchased in your hometown. You must be thrilled!

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