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May God Bless America

by MILLIEGIFTSMITH , January 13, 2011—12:20 AM

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May God Bless America! that is my prayer for 2011. I call this painting "Ray of Hope" May we have more love and understanding in all we do this year is my hope. To love one another as Christ loves us. To accept each others faults and failures, to love America where we are free. In these troubled days, may God be with us. Milliegiftsmith





08/31/2011 * 02:20:59

Hello Millie,

I'm not american (I'm a spanish/swiss girl) but I'm a christian. "May God bless America" is an incredible deep and ispiring picture. I can hardly tell how much I love your paintigs.
God has blessed you with an incredible gift. It seems you can do just anything with a brush. :o)

Pleas tell me, is there a print available from "May God bless America"? And would you send a picture oversee?

God bless you

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