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Critiques Can Be Enlightning

by MILLIEGIFTSMITH , January 24, 2008—12:00 AM

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I do think that a critique of ones work is good. Our art club would have many of them each year. This year I miss them as I am unable to go out much at night, as it is hard to drive in the dark now. But I truthfully can say that it is very helpful to hear what some other artist thinks of your work. If you find that some things you don't agree with- you dont have to take the advice. A lot of times it helps you to see some problem etc. Now here is an example that I give you you fellow artist.This painting on the blog--do you think it is finished? Many of my friends say-"dont do any more on it". I would like to hear your opinion--so let me hear from you and give me an answer to what you think. Since I have moved to the country, I don't see my artist friends very much. We used to get together and give helful hints to each other about our work. I am sorta isolated now and sure would appreciate an honest opinion. I think that artid is a good group of artist and I respect their work a lot. So, help me out --ok???




  Caroline Henry ( homepage )

01/26/2008 * 13:03:50

I find this quite engaging as is. It is intriguing because it seems to suggest all sorts of elusive stories--as if one could build a tale of science fiction, dragon lore, or heroic saga around it.


  Michael Mize ( homepage )

01/25/2008 * 23:47:35

Well I supose I'd have to answer your question with another question. What exactly were you going for on this one? I ask because I've seen such an mpressively wide range in your work. My initial response was very postive and based largely on my personal taste for landscapes having a very loose treatment. However, as I look longer there are areas in the foreground and amongst the trees in the background that have a sharpness to their details. The edges are a little crisper than everything else in the painting. This contrasts with your handling of the rest of the canvas and does make me take notice of the sky and water and wonder if they are finished or not. So I might suggest deciding in your mind where you see this landscape going and then getting these areas to "agree" with each other. Does this make sense?

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