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Millie Gift Smith Art Blog

Teaching by Video

by MILLIEGIFTSMITH , December 19, 2010—05:50 PM

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Making videos, to me is a form of teaching. I have taught art for many years now, and not able to do so anymore. When I make a video, I try to show just how I made it. I have some of my former students watching them and they feel it is helpful to them. I have just put on 2 new ones and hope that you will watch them and gain some kind of information that will be benificial to you. However, I do feel that my painting is different, due to the way I paint when I make a video. It is like a whole new ballgame, as the procedure is so different. I just got a new computer for Christmas, and it has a new movie maker on it--a learning process all over again. I am slowly getting a couple done. I really do enjoy doing a video and try to come up with new ideas. I hope that others will enjoy them, and get on the bandwagon with me. Milliegiftsmith {This is a picture of one of my videos I made some time ago.]




  Janeice Silberman ( homepage )

12/19/2010 * 18:03:30

This blog really captured my attention.
I did not realize that you had created so many videos! We can all learn from you!

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