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Millie Gift Smith Art Blog

Looking for a Challenge?

by MILLIEGIFTSMITH , January 21, 2008—12:00 AM

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I'm always doing something different and I like to show others how to do it. I may get an idea from a book, but I go on to make it my own--not a copy. I don't even copy myself. As a word of encouragement to fellow artists, I say--"Be brave, its just paper or canvas." I like to challenge myself as an artist by using a variety of media and experimenting with new techniques. I have tried all kind of media such as--pencil, charcoal, pastels. oils, acrylics and watercolor--also collage. One of my latest experiments is heavy gel media. I use paper or canvas and first I apply the gel on the paper or canvas. I will put the design that I want--you can use all different things--such as bottle caps, leaves, any sorta thing to make shapes with. I let it dry overnight and then I put charcoal over it to find the shapes. Then I start to paint, using just one color--like yellow orche or any simular color. I put it on very thin and later I use acrylc paints. I found that irridescent colors are great for this kind of work. Also I have used interference colors--which are white to start and change to color. Its like I have carved out a painting. I then have to find my way, like a jigsaw puzzle. I have done a whole series of these paintings and it is a big challenge!!! I had a few in my exhibit at a Junior College here and sold one to the Board members to present to the College President for a retirement gift. I have had a lot of fun with this--why don't you try it? This painting of "The Corn" is one of my textured paintings.




  Michael Mize ( homepage )

01/21/2008 * 17:39:52

Great idea for a new approach to impasto painting! It's almost blurring the boundries between painting and low relief sculpture. I could see having fun with this and allowing the process to be completely random and letting the painting have a say as to what the composition will be.


  Susan Szente

01/21/2008 * 17:23:57

Hi Mom! I haven't seen this painting before, so it must be brand new. It is really beautiful, and even before I read your description, I saw ears of corn in it. It's another of your beauitful gel works. I love it!!

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