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Millie Gift Smith Art Blog

Objects of a Bygone Era.

by MILLIEGIFTSMITH , January 18, 2008—12:00 AM

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Several years ago, we had to sell my mother-in law's home in Indiana.It was built in the 1900's, of victorian design. She was unable to take care of herself. As we cleaned out her old attic, we were amazed at all the things we found that she had collected over the many years. I thought that they would make a nice still life. So I set some of the items up to paint. I wanted to capture the look of old and rusty. There was this old lantern, a shaving mirror, old cardboard box full of rusty nails, rusty plyers, screwdriver, a 1940 lamp with out a shade. Some old tin cans, a paint can and old saw and locks and key. and some other items--I also found in my father's things---an old newspaper. It had to be in a plactic case as it was falling apart from age. This newspaper was printed in 1892 and had an a article that my great grandfather had written about prohibition. It waas printedin Kendall County,Ill. I did another painting of her attic and it is on my artid studio under "Romantic"--which shows an old chair and hat boxes.I put it umder Romantic because of the old hat boxes filled with beautiful hats. Look this up.I did both paintings in oil, on canvas,I used burnt sienna, and ultramarine blue, raw sienna, yellow orchre. I hope this may inspire you to try to paint things that are from olden days and things you find around the house that would make an interesting painting.



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