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God [ The Greatest Artist--[56TH Peacescape}

by MILLIEGIFTSMITH , September 27, 2010—12:00 AM

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I have been working on a new painting. Something completely different than I have done. It is on my mind day and night, thinking, and planning just what I will do. I am always experimenting and trying new things, so this is not an unusal task. However, for some reaon, I am frustrated. I was reading in God's word this passage ----Isaiah 55:9 " As the Heavens are higher than the earth, so are My ways higher than your ways and My thoughts higher than your thoughts" Now , maybe you wonder what that has to do with this painting----Well, I was thinking about God and His thoughts. How He created this beautiful world---How He just spoke and it was done. Yet He is the Greated artist there is. Think of all the different things He has made. HIS thoughts and ways are higher than mine. Yet He gave me this talent to create, and the joy of just painting. My frustration left me and now I believe I can finish this, and discover something new. I would like to leave this thought with you, never give up on yourself. Turn to the "GREATEST ARTIST of all---GOD. Milliegiftsmith




  Sarah Sands

12/22/2010 * 21:58:32

I feel the same way you do. I think we have to be old to feel as deeply as we do about this glorious creation of God.. I vas driving on a road I've often traveled when I was younger. But I suddenly saw things as they really are. The trees were so lovely, many different colors of green, an the flowers, wild and those planted by property owners. I was just in awe. I so wish I had the talent to express my gratitude the way you do.
The first time I saw Yosemite,I cried and my late husband couldn't understand it. Oh how God must love us, to create such beauty to bless


  Susan McKinney Frolik

10/16/2010 * 22:49:19

I agree! God is the master of all things! You are blessed with the talent he gave you.

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