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Millie Gift Smith Art Blog

"Restless Sea"

by MILLIEGIFTSMITH , January 9, 2008—04:42 PM

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This is the finished work. I feel that I lost some of the feeling I wanted to convey--however, It was a lot of fun and collage is always exciting to me. I still could go into the painting and add more collage if I so deaire to. Give me your opinion artists--I think it is important for others to add their opiniopn. Lookin for an answer---Millie gift smith




  Chris Sherman ( homepage )

01/11/2008 * 11:44:37

I am brand new to the website and am still getting my studio up and running. I enjoyed reading about your process as I have just started to experiment with rice paper and did not even think about using it is such large scale. I have used bits of it here and there in different pieces. Thanks for sharing your process as I found it so interesting.
Chris Sherman

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