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Millie Gift Smith Art Blog

Using Your Imagination to Make a Painting

by MILLIEGIFTSMITH , January 1, 2008—12:00 AM

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I would like to tell you about this series of paintings that I did over several years. I am, by far, a very nostalgic person and maybe old fashioned in my thinking. I have always liked the 'olden times' and their way of life. The first painting I did from this feeling was a complete accident. I love watercolor and the way that it does things that no other media does. One day I was putting a blank sheet of Arches 140 lb. paper on my drawing board and started to put water on certain spots in the background. Then I took some paint in browns and blues and hit the water with the paint and watched them as they mingled together. It was a way that I like to get started with the creative process sorta like stretching when exercising. I began to see trees form in a beautiful way in the background. So I decided that I would leave them there as they were. I just had fun playing with the paint. Then I realized that people were appearing also and they looked very old fashion. I kept on painting and I came up with a very nice work. I asked my mother-in-law, who at the time was staying with us, if she liked the painting and she said it looked like her 'young days' that she remembered. She even gave me a name for it"After the Meeting". She said it reminded her when she would go to a meeting, and everyone would stand around and laugh and talk, instead of rushing right home. I took the paintinng to a gallery in a town nearby and they accepted it to put in the gallery to sell. It sold. Soooo-I started my series. One of them I painted -I sold to a contractor that build my deck, which helped me pay for it. I did about 20 of these paintings and sorry to say this is the only one I have left in watercolor. They became like my children, because they expressed something that I wanted to say. Like---'the good ole days' --when things were so peaceful and less complicated. I entered some in shows and they were accepted. These works of art were completely from my imagination. I ususally had a lot of people in them and most of the time there were buildings. I think that watercolor is the most exciting media that you can use . I know that it is not condidered the best in art, as oil is, but to me I like it the best. The fumes do not bother me like oil. I had to stop oil because of my lungs. But with watercolor--you can begin a painting and leave it for awhile and come back and do a little at a time. Especially if you are a busy person. I hope this blog will inspire you to try using watercolor and your imagination when you sit down to paint. I would love to hear from other artists as to what you think. Milliegiftsmith




  Charles Ed Newman

01/19/2008 * 11:09:48

Millie. May I call you that? Your blog and paintings make me feel like you are a neighbor. I have enjoyed looking at your paintings since artid came into being. I envy you the looseness of that flowing paint coupled with exquisite control...and such a variety of subject matter! One day I shall have one of your works hanging in my house. I love your work.


  Maria Williams-Russell ( homepage )

01/02/2008 * 15:15:28

Great post, Millie! I've placed it as a featured post on the site.

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