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Millie Gift Smith Art Blog

"Take time to smell the roses" and paint them.

by MILLIEGIFTSMITH , December 31, 2007—04:01 PM

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It seems like everywhere I go I see a new painting to do. In the countryside-when we take a ride, I take many pictures and use them in a painting. When I am finding just the right place to snap the camera--guess what?? Someone is on my tail and wanting to pass. They pass by at a big rate of speed and not even looking at all the beautiful spots in the landscape. It amazes me that noone is interested in the old barns and measdows filled with wild flowers, the ponds and reflections, even the horses and cows fascinate me. I love to see the bare trees in the winter as it shows all the characteristics of trees. We went on a cruise to the Carribean and what beauty I saw. It seemed that others were more interestesd in other things then the beauty of the sea. Then again, right in your own home there are so many things to paint. I did this rose picture from some pink roses I got. There is no end for an artist eye--I am so blessed that I see a lot of this wonderful world and enjoy painting it all. This painting of the roses I did with the heavy gel medium. You have to get a distant from it see the roses. I had a lot of fun doing this painting on canvas. So many of my paintings are things that I see about me. Even books on art, and going to museums, getting together with other artists and critiquing the others work--all these things can help an aritst, to inspire you and help in the creative process. I hope you will give me a comment and express your views too. Thank you for reading this little note to everyone. "Take time to smell the roses"



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