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Millie Gift Smith Art Blog

Happy New Year!

by MILLIEGIFTSMITH , December 26, 2007—11:54 PM

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A new year is dawning, I hope that it will be bright and happy for you. I know that an artist life is a rewarding one and yet it can also be frustrating. However, To be able to paint and put our feelings down on canvas or paper for all to see and hopefuly enjoy, is a great blessing. This year let us do the very best that we can do and set goals for a successful year. This painting I did from my bedroom window, just as the sun was setting. I know that tomorrow will be another day to paint so I wish you all a very good year and much happiness. Look me up and leave a word for me. Milliegiftsmith




  Michael Mize ( homepage )

01/09/2008 * 15:08:43

I love this simple landscape and the colors you used to illuminate the sky. I've always been a fan of landscapes with few details and large expansive skies. I imagine that has a lot to do with being from Kansas. I'm also especially impressed at the sheer volume of work you have on display. What a great range of exploration!

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