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Millie Gift Smith Art Blog

Christmas at Grandma's House

by MILLIEGIFTSMITH , December 21, 2007—12:00 AM

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Do you have fond memories of Christmas? One of my best was our Christmas Eve's drive to Marion, Indiana, to my mother-in -law's home. We couldn't leave until my husband got home from working late and then we loaded the 3 children in the car with all the presents to their grandma and grandpa. Then we were on our way. The trip was always special because there wasn't any super highway then and we had to go through little towns that were all decorated in bright lights and houses all aglow. When we arrived at Grandmas house--the porch light would always be on, a Christmas wreath on the door. There was always a big beautiful tree all decorated with colorful lights, tinsel, antique ornaments, and draping garland. Under the tree many presents with lovely wrappings on them were waiting to be opened on Christmas morning. The aroma of cookies and pies and the fragrance of pine from the real tree all gave it a magical feeling. It was always good to greet all the folks and then the enjoyment began. Christmas morning my father-in -law would wake everyone up--yelling "MERRY CHRITMAS" as loud as he could. After the presents were opened and a big turkey dinner, we all sat and visited about the year, while the children played with their toys. It was a very happy time for us. I did this painting later on to remember those days. It is done with watercolor on paper with some casine and white opaque paint. The house is exactly like that home in Indiana and brings back all my wonderful memories of "Christmas at grandma's house." I wonder if you have some of those special memories to share with us. It would be great to read. Merry Christmas to you all. Millie




  Carole Gift Page

12/28/2007 * 21:05:28

Hi, Mother,
I loved your blog. It brought back such happy memories of our Christmases in Indiana. You captured it very well.
Wish we could be together every Christmas!
With lots of love,
Your daughter,

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