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Millie Gift Smith Art Blog

Gone but not Forgotten

by MILLIEGIFTSMITH , February 1, 2010—12:00 AM

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Sunday was a very sad day. We lost our sweet little Prissy [our Shisu dog] She was very sick and unable to live as she was. Our little poodle, that was her best pal, is lonely and looking for her. I painted this painting about 7 years ago. I am glad that I did this. I am a dog lover and they become like our children. We miss her a lot. She was a beautiful dog.She was almost 13 years old.




  ca girl

03/03/2012 * 01:05:01

awesome painting!!! email me for my real identity hint: i am related to you!!


  Millie Smith ( homepage )

02/02/2010 * 22:26:04

Yes, its a very hard thing to go through. I do believe they are in heaven. I have lost 2 beautiful white poodles over the years and it was heartbreaking. When I married John 5 years ago, I had my Dilly [http://white poodle] and he had Prissy.[http:// Shi su] Over the 5 years, Dilly has become John's dog and Prissy was mine. It is so hard to lose them, they are like our children. When I lost my first husband, a few months later I lost my Buffy 2 [http://white poodle] So its not easy. My Dilly is looking for Prissy, as they were pals. Its sad. I am so sorry for you losing your sweet friend. Millie


  Mary Lawler ( homepage )

02/02/2010 * 15:14:13

Oh Millie, my heart breaks for you. We had to put down our sweet loving English Springer Spaniel last Monday and I can't stop crying. He was only 10 and the best damned dog I have ever had. Cancer took him, he was bright, smiling and tail wagging to the end.
I think they are waiting for us when we get to heaven. At least I hope they are. We miss them so.

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