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Workshops-A Learning tool.

by MILLIEGIFTSMITH , December 16, 2007—12:00 AM

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Workshops-I have been to many of them--oil, acrylics watercolor. collage and etc. I have learned a lot from them. it depends how much you want to learn. Let me tell you about my very first oil workshop. I had only been painting for a few years in oil and I wanted to try a workshop--so I looked in the American artist magazine for an oil workshop. I found one that was in Maine and it sounded so good--so I called my girlfriend and asked her to go with me. She had only begun to paint in oil but she said it would be fun to go. So I made reservations for the class and also a place to stay. The workshop was in Stonington Maine. I had never heard of it before--but off we went to Bangor, in a plane. We landed late at night in Bangor and the people that we rented a mobil home met us and took us for miles, in the dark, for Stonington. I can say this--I did'nt know where we were or where we were going. What an adventure that was. We had a great place to stay right on a dock overlooking the coast. I can't even remember the teacher's name now--but he wasnt much of a teacher. He sat in the back of the room and let us do our own thing--once in a while he would make a comment. But --the place was really an artist dream. We did'nt realize it was an island at first and when we took a ride around the place we ended up at the same place we had started. Ha ha. WE spent a lot of time painting and taking pictures. I did a lot of paintings there and when I got home, I did some from the photos. However I only have a couple of them left as I sold them. There is something about Maine that is good for an artist. Let me tell you a story about the clams and lobster. The people that rented us the home gave us some clams and a big red lobster. Well, not being familiar with those seafoods--we did'nt know what to do with them. So we put the clams under the sink and the lobster in the frig. However, the clams really smelled after 2 days and my friend dumped them in the water. Then the day we were to go home--we rented a car and was ready to leave and there was the red Lobster in the frig---so we took it with us as not to offend the people that rented us the place. When we got to the airport--there was the lobster in the back seat on the floor. Soooo- my friend took it and put it beside the hotel we were staying in. What a time we had. I will say that was a workshop I shall never forget. We painted boats, waterlily ponds, docks and foggy nights. Workshops are great for learning!!!!Coming home in the plane we got in a bad storm and almost crashed--had to land Ohio. Well, after that I stayed home for my workshops and they came to Jackson--many famous people came and I learned a lot from my workshops--Hope you try them.



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