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Millie Gift Smith Art Blog

Mood and Color

by MILLIEGIFTSMITH , December 13, 2007—12:00 AM

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I love to create mood and used to use a lot of greys--in fact it was my favorite a painting in greys. I did one of the sun breaking through the clouds and it was so dramatic A couple years ago we went to New Orleans and Biloxi Louisana for a vacation.I took many pictures and one of them was in the mornigng, just as the sun was breaking through the clouds--it was so beautiful--all in greys. The ocean was steel grey. I painted a watercolor from that picture and entered it in a competition. During the show, someone bought it and I was sorry to see it go. The couple that bought it had just lost their dog and they said the painting cheered them up everytime they looked at it because it gave them so much hope and helped them with their loss. I called it "Breaking through". The mood was very dramatic and inspirational. So I love to paint mood--especially in greys. Well, you are wondering why I have a colorful painting here? I also think you can get mood in color--such as this painting--I call it"Red Sky in the Morning" It is a peaceful scene at the moment--but maybe a storm is coming. I got this also from our trip to Louisana--That was a couple years before the Hurricane came and destroyed New Orleans and Biloxi. It completely wiped out our hotel where we stayed. Also the whole town. It was a beautiful place. What a bad thing that was. I am glad I got to visit the place when it was all there. I have many pictures to paint. So we can get moods into our work that can cheer someone. Hope you look this painting up and leave a comment.. Milliegiftsmith.



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