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The Wonders of the Harvest [48th (peacescape]

by MILLIEGIFTSMITH , December 12, 2009—12:03 AM

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There is this big cornfield just nearby our home. Every day this fall I loved to see it as we go by. However, it is starting to snow and they still have not cut the corn. Finally, one day last week, they had their big machines in the field and low and behold--a truckful of corn. I am always amazed at the beuty of a cornfield. When I was a child and lived on a farm--I used to run through the corn and we would play hide and seek. What fun it was. I think about how--- first it is planted and then by the 4th of July it is kneehigh. Then it is tall and stately and so green. But I love it best of all in the fall. I painted this mixed media painting with this feeling. I tried to capture the texture and color. To me it is one of" God's Great Wonders" How it all just grows and becomes the harvest of corn--field corn--to feed the animals. Now there is just the stubbles left in the field, but come spring--it will all repeat the same miracle. How very great our GOD is. Milliegiftsmith




  Jody Coughlin ( homepage )

12/13/2009 * 20:04:52

It's beautiful!


  Susan Szente

12/12/2009 * 16:53:30

I really love this one, Mom. You captured that late fall nightime in the cornfield feeling! I love the colors and I love the cornfield. Great job!

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