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Millie Gift Smith Art Blog

Acrylics --And Why I Like Them.

by MILLIEGIFTSMITH , November 14, 2009—12:00 AM

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The other day I started to do a collage on canvas. I was using acrylic at the time. Well, I did a lot of work on a painting and decided I did'nt like it. So I added more collage amd painted again. I still was'nt satified with the work. So---I repainted it all over again! I added some gel medium for texture. For several days I had it in my mind to paint the cornfield by our house. So, I started the cornfield. I worked on it for some time and sorta pleased with the effect I got. So, with acrylics, you can just keep painting until you finally get something you think is the best. It is an amazing paint, however, it turns dark on you, that is one thing that I don't like about it. I am never satisfied with my paintings. I keep trying something new. I have decided to enter this painting in a show comming up in January at our Museum. It is a very hard show to get into. They have one jurer and so it is up to one person if they like it or not. I would like someones opinion as to how they like this painting. I enjoy critiques. I named this art "Autumn Signiture". I WILL SAY THAT THIS PICTURE IS A BIT DARKER THAN THE ORIGINAL. Hope someone leaves a comment. Milliegiftsmith artid/.com




  Vina Curtis

11/21/2009 * 20:03:14

"Autumn Signiture" is an awsome painting! I wouldn't change anything. I also like your white tulips,too.


  Marianne Rice

11/19/2009 * 06:48:19

I think Millie Gift Smith's painting is awesome! Your colors and values are perfect. Love the foreground and the back ground.So much depth. Love it. There's just one thing that bugs me . There's a triangular shape under the moon in between the trees, like a hill or something thats meeting with a point in the sky. My eye keeps going to it. Maybe you meant it this way and the view I'm seeing on line is makes it look this way. Other that that it's lovely.

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