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Millie Gift Smith Art Blog

Desires of your Heart [43rd Peacescape}

by MILLIEGIFTSMITH , September 29, 2009—11:53 PM

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Psalm 37: verse 4 " DELIGHT YOURSELF ALSO IN THE LORD, AND HE SHALL GIVE YOU THE DESIRES OF YOUR HEART" This is a promise that you can depend upon. What are your desires, as an artist or otherwise? I know that one of my desires is to be able to use my art for His Glory. Everytime I see this beautiful world that He has created, I want to paint and paint all that I see. I love winter because it is a artist dream to capture the cold of it all and still find the warmth in the painting. The white snow is making the world so clean. Each day that the Lord gives me is a gift. I want to use that gift to honor His name. Maybe you have'nt thought about it all, but take a moment and think --Where does all our desire to be an artist come from ? Its a true gift from God. Maybe I sound like I am preaching, but this is my thoughts and I am happy to be here on this earth as long as God gives me breath. I love to create and paint, it is a joy that noone can understand--unless you are an artist. May this blog bring a new awakening to you. Millie gift Smith




  Caroline Henry ( homepage )

10/03/2009 * 21:14:19

Millie there is so much truth in this blog message--and in your paintings. Your work truly celebrates the abundant blessings that surround us. We are so blessed in having the gift of art.


  distant designs

10/02/2009 * 20:39:42

This is a really uplifting message. Thank you for posting it. - Do you think we'll get to paint in Heaven? I've always wondered about that. :-) Maybe it'll be so pretty that we won't even have the desire to attempt to recreate any of it on canvas. - I agree with you that 'our' desire to paint comes from God. I also feel that if we don't use this gift, we're missing a huge opportunity to be used by God. Thanks for posting. God Bless!!

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