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Millie Gift Smith Art Blog

Life as an Artist

by MILLIEGIFTSMITH , December 5, 2007—10:36 AM

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Life as an artist is a great life. I would like to tell you about my life--I started painting when I was very young and later on I married and had 3 children. My husband was a musician and played a saxaphone and sang in name bands. We traveled a lot. Later on we settled down and I had spare time at night, to paint--when the children were in bed. I did a lot of pastel at that time. Then later I started in oil. I taught art in many places and then opened my home studio to students. As my children left home--I was able to paint more. I am a prolific painter. I paint fast also. --Now to tell you a bit about my family--My oldest daughter is a writer. She lives in California. She does mostly fiction books and has published many books. She is also an artist, but too busy with her writing to do any art work. My Son lives in Florida and was a buyer for Jacobsons and now he does a lot of interior decorating for clients. My youngest daughter lives in California and she is a singer and ventriloquest. She does shows all over the country.----- Now you know my family. My husband died in 1998--and later on I married John Smith--that is why my name is Smith now.I moved into his home and with it all my paintings--which are located all over the house. In my studio, in the dog kennel--in the bedroom under the bed and in the closet in my husbands offfice--in drawers and everywhere!!! I have taken over. I am glad to have artid to show my work and also I get to look at them too--because otherwise they are stacked up and etc. So thats' my life as an artist,and I have to paint. I do sell my work--but still not enough. Regardless of it all---I LOVE TO PAINT!!!!




  Laura Mason

09/14/2008 * 17:23:42

Are you still painting?

I have a question for you, assuming you check for comments here still. Your name has changed several times in your life journey. Did you change how you signed your work?

I married in 1979, and signed my work with my new married name, using my maiden name as a middle name. No one in my family had ever been divorced, and frankly it never crossed my mind that it could ever happen to me. I stopped painting a while when I remarried, and want to start using my maiden name only to sign my new work, but am afraid it will just confuse everyone. What did you do??? I would appreciate advice from anyone who sees this.


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