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Millie Gift Smith Art Blog

Why I Love to be an Artist

by MILLIEGIFTSMITH , August 11, 2009—12:00 AM

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Life as an artist is the most wonderful thing. I especially think it helps me to really see the beauty around me. Everywhere I go, there is a painting waiting to be painted. The change in seasons here in Michigan is very good. It is August and soon it will be fall. When the trees start to lose their leaves, to me is a joy. Most people don't like bare trees, not me. My husband said "What do you see in these dead trees??? I answer "I see the character in each one." So now when we see these trees--he will say--"Look at that character in that tree" I got him noticing the trees now. Most people just don't see--- These birches in this painting are in our park here in Jackson. Every time I go by them, I think, they look like they are dancing. So I painted them that way. You know, only God can make a tree. He has made them for our enjoyment. Think about it---We get shade in the summer, beauty in the fall and bare trees in the winter. When they are covered with snow, there is nothing more lovely. That is why I love to be an artist. It is wonderful. Milliegift/artid



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