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Millie Gift Smith Art Blog

If First you Don't Succeed, Try, Try Again.

by MILLIEGIFTSMITH , July 15, 2009—01:05 AM

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I guess that is an old saying, but that is the way I feel today. I am excitd about videos, and have put a few on the You Tube. It is really a difficult job. But, regardless, I keep on trying. I want to do one that meets my expectations. Today, I had some failures. First my camera did'nt take in all the picture and so I discarded that one. Then I tried again and this time the easel did'nt stay still and so it wobbled a lot. Well, that one was out. I tried doing a watercolor flat on my drawing table, and that just did'nt work. So------I will try again tomorrow and see what I can do. I hope this does'nt discourage you from making a video, because it really is fun and I learn a lot of about how I paint. I never realized that making a video was such a learning experience, it cant be planned out like you usually do [but not always] it is just like performing in a play and you have to remember the words that you say. If you goof, you just keep on going. I am so determine to really make a video that pleases me. S, I will keep on trying. I hope that you will be watching my videos and leaving a comment or rating to encourage me

Never feel inadequate for any task,___Do you know the Bible says thisThat God is with us. Do not feel you have failed, but to rest in His presence HE IS WITH US ALL THE TIME, AND HELPS US THROUGH EVERY SITUATION. I PAISE GOD FOR THAT. He gives me Peace. I hope you will join me in making videos to give Artid more of a great name and show what great artists we have here on Artid. Milliegiftsmith



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