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Millie Gift Smith Art Blog

Making Videos------A New Experience

by MILLIEGIFTSMITH , July 8, 2009—12:11 AM

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I started making videos and I would like to tell you about my learning experience. My daughter and I made a video "Going to the Dogs", which I won a prize of free membership in Artid for life. Wow, that set me off. So, I had just started doing some more abstracts and decided to try it on video. I did it ,inspired by my daughter Susan's singing. She is a song writer and singer, also a ventriloquist. As I was watching the video--I got a new look at my painting ways. I sat there and talked to the video--"Why did you do this and that?? I started to laugh at myself---because I was talking to myself. Well, believe me, it is a new experience, because you are really performing and not just painting. I did several for practice--with my digital camera. I did'nt feel that they were good enough to show. When my daughter went to California, I just started doing some all by myself. Well, it is a learning experience!! I just put on a new video--that I did all alone. I felt it was'nt too bad. I am really fascinated with it all. The picture here on the blog is the video "Out of the Shadows" I wish you would tune in and see what I have been doing. Also I would appreciate a comment. I would love to see some of you artists on Artid, do some videos. I finally got me a Handycam camera. I just put it on a tripod and set it up so that my canvas shows-then I start painting. I know that it isnt my best work, but may help others to get some idea of how to begin to paint. It seems that more I do, the better they are. It is fun to sit and watch one paint also. I wanted some music with the videos, but you need permission for most artists--so I use my daughter's CD. I am looking forward to seeing some others work on the You Tube. If you need any help, I will be willing to tell you how I do it. So, get busy and let's make Artid ----known more andshow them what we can do. Milliegiftsmith




  Caroline Henry ( homepage )

07/10/2009 * 18:06:36

Millie, you are a constant source of inspiration. You never stop creating and learning.


  Kelly ( homepage )

07/08/2009 * 16:38:03

Millie -- I have watched your video on YouTube and was entranced! Your daughter's music is so cool and is well-matched to your expressive brushstrokes. I will probably watch it again because you seem so "at ease" with the entire process, allowing the paints to run, collide and mingle, slowing them down here and there, guiding them when you can. Bravo, Millie! Maybe someday I'll give it a try -- keep it up!!! :~)

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