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Watch my Video on YouTube

by MILLIEGIFTSMITH , June 2, 2009—11:29 PM

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I just put a video of me painting an acrylic abstract-[-PART ONE.] I HOPE THAT YOU WILL TUNE IN AND WATCH IT. I am painting it with the music of my daughter singing "Out of the Shadows". I didnt prepare any thing special--just painted. Here are the words to the music. "Out of theShadows" You saw a heart in hiding Lost in a land of doubt You let Your love break through the darkness And somehow You brought me out-- Chorus: Out of the Shadows And into the light of love You brought me Out of the silence And into this song of joy You taught me How can my mind explain All that my heart contains Oh let my life proclaim what Your love can do You brought me out of the shadows And into the light of YOU Out of the shadows.

2nd verse: Clouds of night have scattered The morning of joy has come And in Your light I look with wonder At how far my heart has come. [ then chorus]

All you do is click on You Tube on the Homepage and it willl take you to my video. I do hope tune in and see Part one--I will be putting part 2 on soon. I would love a comment from you. Milliegiftsmith/artid



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