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Millie Gift Smith Art Blog

"God gives everyone the ability to create" [36th Peacescape]

by MILLIEGIFTSMITH , May 17, 2009—12:00 AM

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I believe that God gives everyone the desire to create. As an artist, having taught many people, I feel this way. However, it is each persons own feeling about it. Most people say--I don't have any talent, or I can't draw a straight line and etc. I have heard all excuses all my life and yet I know that within each one of us is the ability to create. I always taught the 4 D's---Desire, Determination,Drive and Development. I know that I had these desires all my life and it became one of my main determination to accomplish this. I have been painting many years and still want to keep painting everyday. I believe that talent helps a person, but its not the most important element. Its hard work and drive that gets you keeping on---to create a work of art is the most rewarding thing that one can ever experience. Its so easy to just say to yourself- "This painting isnt any good--but we have to keep the positive thought always. Does any of this make sense to you? I have loved to teach art and see the person to start a painting and get to realise that they can paint. I did this painting of the cornfield in acrylic and I feel it may inspire one. I hope you can understand what I am trying to say. Milliegiftsmith/artid



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